The Astro Gem base is the home base of the Astro Gems. Its location is unknown, but it resides in the heart of a protected forest.


The Astro Gem base is also the current living space of the Astro Gems. It's a re-purposed ancient Gem Ship lodged inside a cliffside The base is surrounded by dense trees around and above it, carefully concealing its location. Near the base is a small garden owned by Watermelon Tourmaline.

The outside is composed of four windows and a door. Inside, it contains large rooms, a second floor, and a basement. Some of the rooms were modified inside the re-purposed ship while others are in the walls of the cliff. In the basement is a crystal heart constructed by Jet, which gives some rooms magical properties.

Basic Rooms

  • Entrance Hall: First seen in Monster Friend. It's rather small and leads directly into the lounge room.
  • Lounge Room: A large space for socializing and relaxing. It has a beige colored wall with brown markings and tiled floors. The only furniture seen so far is a couch, coffee table, and a bulletin board full of pictures.
  • Party Room: A small room for festivities. It was occupied by Blue and Red Obsidians during New Years. Fire Agate is also been seen cleaning the party room after the obsidians' party.
  • The Pillow Room: Located on the second floor lead by a staircase. The room's funcition is currently unknown, but the obsidians were placed there to sleep. The floor is entirely covered with pillows.
  • The Obsidian Ask Room: Also known as the ask box room. It's an entire compartment designed for the obsidians' ask blog. It is much different from the other rooms, having a steel blue color. The room has an exit door with the group's symbol on top.

Gem Rooms

Each gem has their own room, constructed by the crystal heart in the basement. The room accommodates to the interest and needs for each gem. All the rooms are aligned in a large round corridor with all the rooms connected to each other. There is one spare room that can be used by temporary fusions.

Fire Agate's Room

Not much has been seen from this room. It takes on a red hue with glowing tiles and small stone windows for storage. On the sealing are large, iridescent bumps that trickle down in the walls.

Blue Obsidian's Room

Blue and Red Obsidians' rooms are very similar in aesthetics. They both have a sewer-like rooms with stone walls, arches, and pipes. For Blue Obsidian's room, it takes on a bluish hue. Both rooms are incredibly messy. Blue Obsidian keeps many boxes, figurines, and comic books sprawled around. Their furniture is superhero themed, having a Superman rug and couch with a Captain American pillow. There seems to be a food spit bucket next to the couch. In front of it is an old TV set covered with bandages. It sits on a small pink table. Blue Obsidian has shelves full of their figurines. They have a small bookcase with boxes of pictures. On the wall above it are a collage of pictures of their friends. Among the clutter, they have a Superman life sized cutout leaning against the wall.

Red Obsidian's Room

Like Blue Obsidian, Red Obsidian has a similar styled room. It looks like a sewer with stone walls, an arched doorway, and pipes. Unlike their friend's room, Red Obsidian's has a reddish hue. Their room is just as messy as Blue Obsidian's. They have action figures, boxes, and comics everywhere making the room feel cluttered. Red Obsidian's furniture is inspired by both superheroes and antiheroes. Their rug is the Batman logo while their couch and pillow are based on Spawn. Like Blue Obsidian's room, they also have a spit bucket they use when they're eating. They have a small, scratched TV set on top of a dull purple table with a DVD player underneath. Red Obsidian has shelves with figurines and odd framed picture of a gun they printed from the Internet. Next to some cat toys, they have a small collection of photos on the wall. Like the other obsidian, Red Obsidian has their own life sized cut out of Spawn.

Jet's Mines

While not necessary a room, it is a series of tunnels that branch off from what her original room was. It's constantly being expanded and, according to Jet, has gotten big and deep enough parts of it could be used for a basement. The walls and ceiling are covered by wooden planks, something similar to wooden tunnels in mines. There are patches of wired fence with loose rock behind it. It is lighten up by ceiling lamps.


  • In some original concepts, the Astro Gem base was going to be ecocapsules or egg shaped.