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Bloodshot Iolite is a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Sara.Bi's Musgravite.


Bloodshot Iolite has long, straight hair that curls around her calves and end at her heels. Her body is curvy, but toned with two pairs of arms. The top and bottom pair have different masses with the bottom's forearms being much larger and muscular than the top pair. Bloodshot Iolite has a long face with Fire Agate's plump lips and Musgravite's long nose. The fusion has one giant, glowing eye on the left side and three more stacked on the right. Above them are arched eyebrows that give her a menacing glare. Her vitiligo, a trait she obtained from Fire Agate, is visible on her chest, face, feet, and arms. Bloodshot Iolite has two gemstones from her fusion cooperators: one on the left side of her chest and the other below her cleavage. She is a rather tall gem, rivaling Watermelon Tourmaline's height.

Bloodshot Iolite's outfit is a long body suit with a v cut opening going down her chest and wide shoulder pads. The ends of her sleeves and pants are large and flowy. They as well as Musgravite's hijab, is decorated in small, shimmering beads.


A fusion of very few words. When she does speak, it's said with such conviction that it strikes fear into the hearts of her listeners. With Fire Agate's assertiveness and Musgravite's cold exterior, Bloodshot Iolite displays a terrifyingly calm and intimidating nature. She has very low tolerance for nonsense and will deliver physical punishment when teammates misbehave. Thanks to Fire Agate's disposition, she has a slight temper.

A great leader thanks to combined experience of a military leader and diplomat. Bloodshot Iolite is not afraid to take action when necessary. Many who follow her obey her orders without hesitation, but this may be done out of fear than loyalty.

Deep down, Bloodshot Iolite cares about her friends. She often displays her affection in a very stern or harsh way. The fusion works hard to protect them. And much like her parts, Bloodshot Iolite is incredibly loyal to those who have shown her respect. She often keeps her face hidden with her hijab, rarely ever showing it to others.


Bloodshot Iolite has standard Gem abilities.

Although she has a physical weapon, Bloodshot Iolite rarely utilizes it. Instead, she relies heavily on her abilities.


  • Dagger Proficiency: Bloodshot Iolite's weapon is a giant Quadrens dagger. She only uses it when she's forced to fight in close combat.

Unique Abilities:

  • Glass Manipulation: A combination of Musgravite's sand manipulation and Fire Agate's pyrokinesis. Bloodshot Iolite can create sharp shards of glass wherever sand is present.
  • Comet Barrage: Due to Musgravite's geokinesis, Bloodshot Iolite has the ability to send a shower of meteors down upon opponents.
  • Heat Resistance: A trait originally belonged to Fire Agate, Bloodshot Iolite can handle extreme temperatures.
  • Sand Manipulation: Bloodshot Iolite is able to manipulate sand much like Musgravite can. Carrying her weapon around gives her an endless supply of sand wherever she goes.


  • Bloodshot Iolite's three eyes share one pupil. It can freely travel up or down the eyes.



Bloodshot iolite in real life.

  • Bloodshot iolite is a rare variety of cordierite.
    • It has a chemical composition of Mg2AI3Si5O18, a hardness of 7 - 7½, and an orthorhombic crystal system.
  • This iolite variety has an aventurescence effect caused by hematite and goethite inclusions.
  • It originates from Sri Lanka
  • Iolite is a name given to gem quality cordierite.
  • Iolite typically occurs in contact or regional metamorphism of pelitic rocks
  • It is the most pleochroic gemstone out there.
  • Because of its strong pleochroism, it earned the misleading trade name "water sapphire"
  • Iolites are rarely treated.
  • It's said that ioite was used by the Vikings for navigation.
  • Iolite's name come from the Greek word ios meaning "violet".
  • Metaphysically, iolite is a stone of visions. It expands intuition, inner strength, self confidence, and leadership. The gem also enhances creative expression.
    • It's helps with lack of motivation and strengthens one's resolve to take on responsibilities.


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