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Bloodshot Iolite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is the hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Kya the Kyanite's Kyanite.



Bloodshot iolite in real life.

  • Bloodshot iolite, also called confetti iolite and iolite sunstone, is a rare variety of cordierite.
    • It has a chemical composition of Mg2AI3Si5O18, a hardness of 7 - 7½, and an orthorhombic crystal system.
  • This iolite variety has an aventurescence effect caused by hematite and goethite inclusions.
  • It originates from Sri Lanka
  • Iolite is a name given to gem quality cordierite.
  • Iolite typically occurs in contact or regional metamorphism of pelitic rocks
  • It is the most pleochroic gemstone out there.
  • Because of its strong pleochroism, it earned the misleading trade name "water sapphire"
  • Iolites are rarely treated.
  • It's said that ioite was used by the Vikings for navigation.
  • Iolite's name come from the Greek word ios meaning "violet".
  • Metaphysically, iolite is a stone of visions. It expands intuition, inner strength, self confidence, and leadership. The gem also enhances creative expression.
    • It's helps with lack of motivation and strengthens one's resolve to take on responsibilities.