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Bluebird Azurite is a gemsona created by N.R.Wynter. She is a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and canon Blue Zircon.


Bluebird Azurite resembles a bird. [1]


Bluebird Azurite has a great sense of justice. [2]


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Bluebird azurite in real life.

  • Bluebird azurite, sometimes called azurite-cuprite, is a natural combination of azurite and cuprite.
    • Azurite has a chemical composition of Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2, a hardness of 3½ – 4, and a Monoclinic crystal structure.
    • Cuprite's chemical composition is Cu2O, has a hardness of 3½ - 4, and an isometric crystal structure.
  • Bluebird azurite is a copper carbonate mineral, as both azurite and cuprite belong to that group of minerals.
  • This combination is rare despite azurite and cuprite grow together.
  • Calcite and malachite may be included in the combination if they're nearby.
  • Bluebird azurite may also be found with chrysocolla cuprite, another similarly rare mineral combination.
  • The following are locations where bluebird azurite has been found: Australia, China, France, Greece, Mexico, Namibia, Russia (Ural Mountains), Sardinia, and the United States.
  • Bluebird azurite doesn't have its own metaphysical properties. However, as a combination of azurite and cuprite, it inherits both properties.
    • Azurite is called the stone of the heavens. It promotes wisdom, communication, creativity, inspiration, spiritual guidance, compassion, love, increases psychic awareness, and dissipating negativity while soothing anger.
    • Cuprite is called the stone of survival. It helps willpower, security, sexuality, mortality, and confidence along with reducing anxieties of having no control one’s surroundings.



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