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Bronzite is a character created by N.R. Wynter and the gem version of her character, Isra. The gem was head of her technology division before the Gem War. She ended up being caught when the Corrupting Light was launched by the Diamond Authority. As a result, Bronzite became corrupted and has been wondering Earth ever since.



In her corrupted form, Bronzite is a large deer-like creature. She is very tall and towers over most Gems. The face, or lack of, is covered by thick black antlers that twist into a snout shape. Going up the head the black color peels off revealing a metallic yellow color that conducts electricity. Bronzite's torso is brown and smooths down from the neck to the hind legs. On her chest is blotches of black, gold, and yellow specks with a giant eyeball in the middle. The eyeball can split into a mouth with pale yellow teeth and brown gums. Her legs are very thin and have similar properties to her antlers. The bottom of her feet give off small sparks of electricity.


Bronzite is a rather tall gem, being a head bigger than quartz gems. She has a brown cpmplexion with short, curly black hair. Bronzite has an oval face with a long, hooked nose. Her eyes are yellow and have visible eyebags underneath. Her lips, which are plump, are colored differently. The top is black while the bottom lip is the same as her skin tone. Bronzite's limbs are fairly slender despite the bulkiness of her clothing.

She wears a large brown robe with huge shoulder pads. The folds are grooved which are outlined. Underneath is a plain yellow dress that displays Yellow Diamond's insignia on her chest. On her hands are black gloves with needle-like fingers. Her shoes are brown with black tips. Two yellow ovals mimic show laces and can be found on each shoe. Bronzite wears a pale yellow visor attached to antennas on the sides. Her gemstone is located on her upper back.


Bronzite is a very shy, timid, and anxious Gem. From overseeing many projects and looking after a large group of technicians Gems has made her stressed. She is prone to anxiety and often has attacks when under too much pressure. Bronzite desires a sense of safety and control over herself. Unfortunately, she always on edge due to her fear of being shattered. This makes her jumpy and careful, taking extra precautions in everything she does. She often tries to keep her emotions bottled away, but this isn't always successful. For example, she's easily flustered, embarrassed, and can be a bit of a crybaby. Despite all of that, she is polite and has a great desire to help those in need.

Bronzite's relationships with other Gems is usually strained. This is largely due to her social anxiety and reserved nature. The tall Gem is slow to make friends due to the fear of them stabbing her in the back. It also doesn't help that she wants to keep peace with everyone. Her need to look presentable also makes first interactions nerve wrecking as she wants to leave a good impression. Bronzite doesn't speak unless spoken to and much of the time she remains silent. However, if something of interest comes up, Bronzite's eyes will light up and she could go on about it for hours. Eventually she'll realize what she's doing and apologize for it. Her apologies can get so out of control that one of her known catchphrases is "I am so sorry!".

She has very low self esteem, which causes problems with her intended role. The technician is easily discouraged, doubtful, and pessimistic. Even if she did nothing wrong, Bronzite would still feel like everything is her fault. She's known to take responsibility for other people's mistakes. Indecisive, the technician may end up stressing herself out even more. Her passive nature has given her great observation skills as well. With this, Bronzite takes everything in bits and pieces to work with. One of her favorite things to do is invent and repair machines, something she finds joy in her job.

As a corrupted gem, Bronzite's personality changes completely. Instead of a gentle nature, it's replaced with a violent and agitated one. She will charge at anything or anyone, creating chaos in her wake. It is done out of a source of fear as Bronzite's desire for control and safety has been taken from her.


Bronzite has standard Gem abilities.

Bronzite's gloves

Bronzite's gloves.

Made for a non-combat role, Bronzite has no experiences with fighting. While her gloves provide help with her work, they are of no use in battle. Hypothetically, if placed into battle, she would take up a defensive role. She would provide her allies with protection from her abilities as well as the machine she creates. Her corruption form is another story. Armed with sharp antlers and an endless supply of electricity, Bronzite is a deadly force. She will charge without hesitation, summoning balls of thunder or shocking opponents.


List of fusions for Bronzite.


  • Engineering: Thanks to a bronzite's intended purpose, Bronzite is very skilled at creating and repairing machines.

Unique Abilties:

  • Electrokinesis: Bronzite is able to create and manipulate electricity at will.
    • Electric Shield: Bronzite can generate a giant shield to protect herself and allies. It can only form in front of her and she would have to reposition herself if she wanted other areas covered.
    • Machine Manipulation: Bronzite can control machines by manipulating the electricity inside.


Bronzite was made before the Gem War and served Yellow Diamond . Like Gems of her kind, she managed a large group of technicians Gems and oversaw various projects meant to benefit Homeworld's army. She and some members of her division were sent to Earth during the climax of the Rebellion to assist with a powerful weapon with the scientists commissioned there. Bronzite found the project repulsive, but couldn't do a thing about it due to the fear of being shattered. She remained there until an evacuation was ordered. Much like many unlucky Gems stranded on Earth, Bronzite succumbed to the effects of the corrupting light and became a terrifying monster. She roams the Earth, attacking anything or anyone who crosses her path.


  • Bronzite has an Arabic accent.
  • If she wasn't corrupted, Bronzite would have a fondness for cinnamon.
    • Her favorite food would be cinnamon rolls.
  • Isra, Bronzite's non-gem counterpart, is one of N.R. Wynter's oldest characters. She was created in 2012.



Bronzite in real life.

  • Bronzite is an iron-bearing variety of enstatite, a pyroxene mineral.
    • It has a chemical composition of (Mg,Fe2+)2[SiO3]2, an Orthorhombic crystal system, and a hardness of 5½.
    • Bronzite can also be classified as Ferroan Enstatite.
  • It's distinguishable from enstatite with it's green-brownish color.
  • Bronzite has a schiller effect that is most noticeable when it's polished.
  • The stone is the result of the weathering of Enstatite and Hypersthene. As wind, rain and other elements break down the crystals, magnesium is replaced by iron.
  • Notable deposits of bronzites are located in Norway, Sweden, North America, Africa, Brazil, Greenland Japan, and England.
  • Bronzite is one of several iron-containing minerals that make up meteorites.
  • It gets its name from its bronze-like luster when polished.
    • Despite its namesake, bronzite has no chemical relation with bronze.
  • Metaphysically, bronzite is the stone of courtesy and focused action. It's a loving stone that instills a polite nature and helps one find control in their actions and lives.
    • Bronzite improves self-esteem and promote change in a harmonious way.
    • It dispels uncertainty, tension, and restlessness.


Image Description
Bronzite has a brown and yellow gemstone located on her upper back. It is a tapered baguette cabochon with a dark brown base. The bottom is covered with brown and yellow speckles. Bronzite's gemstone is surrounded by a pale red ring.



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