Cacoxenite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. A tiny aristocratic Gem who plans on usurping the Diamond Authority for their crimes against her.


Cacoxenite is a very small gem that can fit into the palms of a quartz soldier. She has a wide arched head with a pale yellow complexion, a small mouth, beady eyes, and a triangular nose. The orange blushes on her cheeks are present when she's putting up an act. They immediately disappear when Cacoxenite is angry or trying to be threatening. When this happens, she'll reveal her rows of sharp, yellow teeth and dark brown gums. She wears a yellow dress with brown and white trimming. A long orange and brown cape drapes over it which gently brushes against the floor. Her gem is located on the top of her head. It oddly resembles a kind of head piece.


On the surface, Cacoxenite appears to be a kind, dainty gem with a cute face. This is all just a disguise. In reality, she's a very devious, cunning, and merciless gem. While capable of forming relationships with gems, she doesn't hold too much attachment to them. In fact, she doesn't show much care if anything happens, good or bad. Cacoxenite is more concerned in how they can fulfill her needs. Because her kind are made to give status effect benefits to other gems, she likes to assist others. However, her assistance often comes with a price: she'll only help someone if they have something she wants. Strategic and nimble, Cacoxenite is well adjusted to change and can efficiently plan ahead for herself and her court.

Cacoxenite can get angry pretty easily. She expresses it in a very violent manner. The tiny gem often takes out her fury on her quartz guards by jumping on their stomachs. She also has the tendency to bite gems as well. Cacoxenite can be childish, whether she's blaming or name calling others for mistakes or failures to playing games. Singing and dancing are some one of her favorite hobbies. She will sometimes hum during conversation or when she's thinking.


Cacoxenite has normal gem abilities. She can't fight or defend herself in battle. Instead, she plays a passive role in strategizing and applying status effects to her allies and opponents.

Unique Abilities

  • Singing: Cacoxenite has a rare power that gives allies and foes status effects based on the songs she sings.
    • War Anthem: Arguably Cacoxenite's signature melody. When she sings this rousing song, allies can receive a power boost. Their strength, defense, agility, stamina, and special abilities increase tenfold. The effect wears off after a short period of time and Cacoxenite must continue singing to keep it going. However, if she sings for too long, her allies can become berserk and may end up attacking anything or anyone in their path.
    • Relieving Melody: Cacoxenite can sing a soothing tune that relieve gems of ailments from cracked gemstones. This includes keeping the physical form stable and feel no pain. This doesn't heal the gemstone, only allowing the gem to feel as if their gemstone isn't cracked at all.
    • Siren Song: A slow, hypnotic chant that can be used to lure, persuade, or sooth gems. The closer the listener is to Cacoxenite, the deeper they may go into a trance like state. Gems with strong wills are immune to the song. It also takes a while for the song to have any effect on listeners.
    • Screech: Cacoxenite can produce an ear-piercing scream that creates sound waves. The force can incapacitate or force a gem into their gemstones. In order for this to work, Cacoxenite must be facing the victim unprotected.


Cacoxenites are rare aristocrats that provide benefits to gems on Homeworld. They perform this through singing that hold special powers. Depending on the diamond they're assigned to, they may have differing roles. A cacoxenite that serves under Yellow Diamond will assist soldiers by increasing their powers or keep them fighting even if their gemstones are cracked. If they serve under Blue Diamond, they may help lessen tensions between diplomats or assist interrogators using a hypnotic tune. With this same song, they can help sooth the weary minds of gems so they can perform their duties efficiently. Because of the consequences of their powers, they are often assigned a specialized bodyguard capable disrupting a cacoxenite's singing if overused.

This cacoxenite was assigned under Yellow Diamond and provided assistance to gem soldiers on missions. She was given a yellow jasper as a bodyguard to help with her job. Knowing her status on Homeworld, Cacoxenite built a sense of arrogance and expected to be treated properly by other gems. It came as a surprise to her when she and a battalion of quartz soldiers were sent to fight the rebellion. Knowing how dangerous it could be, she tried coaxing the higher ups to let her off the hook. However, they ignored her requests. Cacoxenite came to the conclusion Homeworld, and by extension the diamonds, viewed her as an expendable asset. She became infuriated and denounced her loyalty to the Diamond Authority. Using her hypnotic song, she convinced a good handful of gems to assist her in an escape and create their own colony. She and her group were able to access an ancient gem ship and left Earth before the war could escalate. Eventually, they found an off charted planet where they colonized. Since then, Cacoxenite plans to dethrone the diamonds and take their place.


Yellow Jasper

Cacoxenite's most loyal bodyguard. Because of her devotion, she made Yellow Jasper second in command of her group. The small gem also appreciates when she participates in activities like singing and dancing. Deep down, she fears that Yellow Jasper will rebel against her and stop her with the jasper's muting abilities. Cacoxenite tries to be on her good side because of this. She's the only gem that Cacoxenite doesn't take her frustration out on. Other than that, she gets annoyed when Yellow Jasper uses her powers even though she claims she's in control.

Chevron Amethyst

Increasingly becoming a thorn in Cacoxenite's side. Chevron Amethyst was one of the first gems to join her cause out of her own accord. However, the amethyst has been acting out of line and ignoring Cacoxenite's scoldings. Whether it's Chevron Amethyst getting lost while on her exploration trips or disobeying an order, Cacoxenite has a hard time keeping her at bay. Her hypnotic songs don't seem to have much effect on her either. If this continues, Cacoxenite will have to take drastic measures against her.


  • Cacoxenite's corrupted form would resemble a porcupine. [1]
  • Cacoxenite was designed for April's monthly gemsona challenge.
  • In earlier concepts, Cacoxenite's gem was a lot bigger and resembled a crystal flower. She would have used it as camouflage.


T cacoxenite

Cacoxenite in real life.

  • Cacoxenite is a secondary, hydrated phosphate mineral.
    • It has a chemical composition of Fe 24 3+AlO 6(PO 4) 17(OH) 12 · 75 H2O, a hexagonal crystal structure, and a hardness of 3 - 4.
  • They are formed in oxidized zones of phosphatic magnetite deposits, novaculites, phosphate-rich pegmatites, and rarely iron-rich sediments and soils.
  • While they are relatively uncommon by themselves, cacoxenite are commonly found as inclusions.
  • Cacoxenite's colors range from yellow, orange, orange red, to brownish yellow.
  • Quartz is a common mineral that grows with cacoxenite.
  • It's associated with iron ores.
    • Due to its phosphorous content, cacoxenite lessens the quality of iron smelted from ore containing it.
  • The mineral can be found all around the world. Locations include Czech Republic, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden, and the United States.
  • It was first described at the Hrbek Mine of Bohemia, Czech Republic in 1825.
  • Cacoxenite's name comes from two Greek words: kakos, meaning “bad" or "wrong" and xenizomenos, meaning “guest".
  • According to crystal healing, cacoxenites are called stones of ascension. It helps raise spiritual awareness and provide a loving connection with the universe.
    • It is a major assist stone. It helps with emotional upheaval and give guidance needed to allow one to move forward in their lives. It encourages to stay positive, bring constructive forces in all situations, and use discretion based on wisdom and discernment.


Image Description
Cacoxenite's gem is located on top of her head. It acts like a head piece. The gemstone is yellow and arch shaped with a brown half ring at the bottom. The ends of the gemstone are jagged.



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