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Charoite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. A high ranking Homeworld scientist who specializes in using gem shards.


Charoite is a rather short gem, equal to the heights of rubies and sapphires. He has lilac skin, a hooked nose, curvy eyebrows, and violet oval eyes. His seemingly gelled purple hair features lavender and white highlights The style also features pointed side bangs and curled pieces of hair in the back. For his outfit, he wears a multi-purple-colored body suit that's broken up into different shades. He wears asymmetrical boots, a glove, and a half coat on top. The coat has a lilac and white colored sash with a light purple diamond by his waist. His gem is located on his forehead.


Charoite is often described as a gem of great intellect, but a greater ego. He takes his aristocrat status to heart and often flaunts about it. While he has projects are worth bragging about, he does it often and makes him unpleasant to work with. This is coupled by his assertiveness which makes him prone to hasty decisions. Higher ups, including his diamond, are the only ones that manage to keep him in line. Despite that, Charoite is very creative. He is one to think outside the box, looking at problems from different perspectives. It's easy for him to pick up on new things and likes to stick to the facts. Although he focuses on logic over feelings, Charoite gets very attached to his projects. He refuses to give up on them and will go to great lengths to complete them, even at the risk of disrespecting his higher ups. Charoite doesn't really care for anyone but himself. He sees everyone else as nothing but potential test subjects. This is especially true when his own pearl was shattered. He used her shards for his project with no attachment towards it.


Charoite has traits and abilities common in all gems.

As a scientist, he is proficient in Gem technology.


  • Engineering: Charoite is able to easily makeshift new creations out of old projects or existing technology.

Unique Abilities:

  • Holographic Projection: From his gemstone, Charoite can create holographic images. He normally uses this ability to show diagrams or blueprints.


Charoite is head scientist of the science division under White Diamond. He has worked on many projects in the past that has earned him great respect from his diamond as well as his peers. His leading successes involved the use of gem shards, harnessing their semi-consciousness to benefit Homeworld. Luck ran out for Charoite when he worked on gem shard drones. He had a theory of using gem shards in combat and with his team, created an army of obedient drones. However, the drones turned against their commanders as the gem shards overdeveloped. Charoite didn't give up and tried perfecting them. Failure after failure, his higher ups pulled the plug on his project. But he couldn't let it go.

Charoite was sent to Earth to monitor the new gem colony. When war broke out, Charoite and his pearl Quahog Pearl took refuge inside an underground cave. At first, he panicked and was in need of rescue. But then he realized the opportunity he was given and made the cave his new lab. He was able to grab his equipment before being sealed in. Shortly, he found that someone had followed him: an artisan gem named Kaolinite. Having no other choice, Charoite made her a temporary assistant who told her and his pearl to tunnel their way out and find gem shards. Quahog Pearl got caught in crossfire and was shattered and Charoite made use of her for his experiments. The two remained underground during the rest of the Gem War. Because they were so far underground, they were unaffected by the Corrupting Light. After feeling the vibration, Kaolinite was sent to investigate. She ended up luring gem monsters back to the lab. Since she was closest to the emergency exit, Charoite ordered her to flee with his experiments while he fend them off with the gem sculptures.

He managed to fight them off, but took too much damage and reverted into his gem. After he regenerated, he went back to his old lab, took his equipment, and searched for Kaolinite. Eventually, he had came to the conclusion she was shattered and continued his research alone. For thousands of years, Charoite tried perfecting his work by himself. His work continuously met with dead ends. A fusion named Rainbow Lattice Sunstone continuously stole gems shards from him and he finally tracked down her studio, only to find Fordite. Realizing they were finally the breakthrough Charoite needed, he took in the new gem and made him a metal suit to stabilize his form. He coaxed Fordite to help him find their creator and learn how she was able to create a living gem out of gem paint. Charoite hopes with this new information, he can finally make his life's work a reality.



Charoite didn't think much of Kaolinite. She was a typical artisan gem with no meaning to her name. On one hand, he only used her as a way of working on his project and didn't care if she was shattered. However, he does admire her craftsmanship, often complimenting Kaolinite on her precision and attention to detail. He also found her easy to work and was pleasantly surprised to see her pick up thing incredibly well.

Quahog Pearl

Charoite's pearl. His opinion of her is seen commonly among Homeworld gems. He saw her nothing more than a servant gem and showing no attachment. This is especially apparent when she's broken. Charoite didn't think much of it and states "I'll get another one".


  • Because his hair resembles toothpaste, there is a running gag of Charoite being associated with dentistry.
  • Charoite has a bit of a Russian accent.



Charoite in real life.

  • Charoite is a rare silicate mineral.
    • It has a very complex composition of (K,Sr,Ba,Mn)15-16(Ca,Na)32Si70(O,OH)180(OH,F)4 · nH2O, a Monoclinic crystal structure, and a hardness of 5 -6.
  • While it was discovered in the 1940s, it didn't become commercially available until 1978. Thus, charoite is considered a relatively new gemstone.
  • The swirling patterns charoite is known for are caused by interlocking complex fibrous crystals.
  • Charoite forms from deposits of limestone that's transformed by heat, pressure, and infusion of unique chemicals (specifically alkali-rich nephline syenite intrusions). This process is known as contact metamorphism.
  • The coloring agent in charoite comes from the mineral itself and not from outside impurities.
  • There is only one mining source for charoite: the Murun complex in the Sakha Republic, Siberia.
  • Its name is derived from the Russian word "chary" meaning "charm" or "magic".
  • Called the "stone of transformation" and "stone of power", charoite can transform negative energies into postive ones. It encourages inner strength and assertiveness as well as improves self-esteem.
    • Charoite is a powerful dream stone and helps one gain knowledge through the dream state.
    • In addition, charoite is a gem of inner vision, inspiration, helping creativity, spirituality, self-knowledge, grounding, and unconditional love.
    • It also awakens analytical abilities.