Chevron Amethyst is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is a defective amethyst who guards Cacoxenite and her court. Although she helps the Gem plot to take down the diamonds, Chevron Amethyst is beginning to question her allegiance.


Chevron Amethyst is an average sized quartz. She has a muscular build with broad shoulders, long torso, wide feet, and a thick forearm. Due to her gem placement, she's missing her entire right arm. She can construct a temporary forearm with fire to replace it. Chevron Amethyst has lilac skin with a squared jaw. She features large purple eyes, a small nose, and plump lips with purple lipstick. Her eyebrows are relatively thin. The left eyebrow is has a gap in the middle.

Her hair is styled in a white half hawk, having violet highlights and a violet underlayer. The right side of her hair is marked with three braids that go around her head. One of Chevron Amethyst's ears is visibly shown. The quartz wears a sleeveless grape colored bodysuit, featuring a black color and white V designs wrapping around her chest. Her black boots share a similar design at the feet.


A curious and adventurous amethyst who has a love for discovering new things. Chevron Amethyst likes to explore during her free time, often letting herself wonder into new areas. But this also means she gets lost often, prompting many search parties and scoldings from Cacoxenite. She shares many traits amethysts exhibit: loves making jokes, having fun, and easily becomes cliquey with other amethysts. While she also shares their rowdiness, it's to a lesser degree. Chevron Amethyst can be rebellious, often acting against simple orders, even when asked politely. That is, until she gets in big trouble with Cacoxenite or Yellow Jasper. Creative and artistically inclined, she loves to create pieces from what she finds lying around.

Whenever she finds something that peaks her interest, she becomes obsessed with it. Chevron Amethyst tries to learn everything she can on the subject and can't stop rambling about it. Her obsessions may often distract her from her duties. But they are fickle as she'll lose interest with the obsession when she finds something new.


Chevron Amethyst has typical gem powers including, but not limited to, summoning her weapon, fusing, bubbling, and shape shifting. Missing an arm doesn't hinder her in any way and she can perform actions efficiently with her one arm. The only time she ever forms her other hand is when she's fighting.


  • Martial Arts: She uses her fists more often than she uses her weapon. She can create a second arm out of fire and use it as an extra punch to her blows.
  • Spear Whip Proficiency: Skilled in the art of spear-wielding, Chevron Amethyst uses this weapon for quick jabbing attacks against opponents. She can break the spear into segments and whirl it around like a whip to get opponents at longer distances. She only use her spear for tough fights.
  • Resourcefulness: Chevron Amethyst can come up with creative ways to defeat her opponent by using the environment.

Unique Abilities

  • Pyrokinetic Constructs: From the heat generated by her gemstone, Chevron Amethyst can create objects and appendages out of fire.
    • Fire Fist Launch: Chevron Amethyst can launch her fiery fist at opponents by hurling it at them. When they land, they release a small explosion.
  • Spin Dash: A standard ability quartz gems seem to possess. Chevron Amethyst can roll up into a fiery ball to attack enemies.


Chevron Amethyst grew from a quartz kindergarten before the colonization of Earth. Due to a mistake made by an injector, her gemstone was improperly inserted causing a minor physical defect. She was sent to a military facility who specialized in training defective soldiers. Like many of the defective gems there, Chevron Amethyst was not treated fairly. She was often made fun of by the regular soldiers who worked there and was undermined when she protested her worth. The more she endured it, the angrier she got at gem society as a whole. But through this anger she trained hard enough to fight using one arm and be able to create extra appendages from fire. After graduating from the facility, she hopped around other military facilities and took on various missions. When the Gem War started, she was drafted with other quartz gems and an aristocratic gem named Cacoxenite.

Chevron Amethyst learned that Cacoxenite didn't want to participate in the war and that her requests were ignored. She became enraged when the Diamonds mistreated even their aristocrats and suggested to the aristocrat to join the rebellion. However, the Cacoxenite refused and instead made her own group to usurp the Diamonds. Chevron Amethyst, Cacoxenite, her personal bodyguard Yellow Jasper, and other gems ran off to an isolated planet where Cacoxenite's court was established. From there on, Chevron Amethyst became a guard for the court.



Chevron Amethyst feels empathy towards the tiny gem. The Diamond Authority, despite Cacoxenite's status, treated her as expendable like how Gem society mistreated her. She is loyal to Cacoxenite's cause of removing the Diamonds from power, but has become weary that Cacoxenite might not care about the other gems. Because of this, Chevron Amethyst has become increasingly defiant to the Gem's demands, especially when put up to dangerous tasks.

Yellow Jasper

Chevron Amethyst doesn't like and even fearful of Yellow Jasper. In fact, she's more afraid of getting in trouble and having to face her than Cacoxenite. This happens often as Chevron Amethyst's disobedience.


  • If Chevron Amethyst and Yellow Jasper were to fuse, they'd make an Amethyst Sage Agate.[1]
  • Chevron Amethyst's weapon is based on Kyoko Sakura's, a character from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • The character's creation came about when N.R. Wynter received a chevron amethyst for her rock collection.
  • The main reason Chevron Amethyst is missing an arm was because N.R. Wynter couldn't decide how her arms should look and liked the character's silhouette missing one.
    • A friend had suggested to N.R.Wynter that because the right side was top heavy, it would help the design to have more breathing room on the left.
    • N.R. Wynter also liked the idea of Chevron Amethyst being able to form a hand from fire.


  • Chevron amethysts are banded amethysts, a type of macrocrystalline quartz.
    • They have a chemical composition is SIO2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 6.5 - 7, and has a trigonal crystal system.
  • Chevron amethyst is the result of V-shaped color zoning between amethyst and white quartz.
  • The purple color comes from iron and aluminium impurities plus high radiation.
  • Amethysts grow in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks within cavities and basalt flows.
  • Brazil is the world's main supplier for amethysts.
  • Amethysts are the most popular type of quartz.
  • The name comes from ancient Greek, meaning “not intoxicated”. According to mythos, wearing amethyst protected the owner from drunkenness.
  • Chevron comes from Anglo-French word caprio meaning "rafter". It may have also come from the Latin noun caper, meaning "goat", due to the V shape resembling goat horns.
  • As an amethyst variety, chevron amethyst is the birthstone for February.
  • Metaphysically, chevron amethyst represents relaxation, peace of mind, and self-discovery. It helps remove the veils of the hidden meanings in life. The stone also provides courage, inner strength, self-awareness, and helps reduce addictions.
    • Amethysts in general represent sobriety, spirituality, and contentment. It helps the wearer be able to change as well as accept it. Additionally considered a composer's and artist’s stone, it helps its owner focus and amplify their creativity.


Image Description
Chevron Amethyst's gem is located in her right shoulder socket. A dark blue, circular cabochon cut featuring a white and purple V shape pattern.



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