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Now darlings, step aside for the main act.

—Chocolate Opal

Chocolate Opal is a collaborative gemsona made by N.R. Wynter and Wilisthethrill. They are the hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Spessartite (and, by extension, Agate and Cinnabar).


Chocolate Opal is a giant fusion, being roughly a head taller than Sugilite. Their physique is slim, but slightly toned with three sets of arms (two of which sprout from Chocolate Opal's lower back), four eyes, a round nose, and plump lips. Chocolate Opal's complexion is quite similar to Fire Agate's, featuring her vitiligo patches. The fusion's hair is wild and poofy with long bangs that drape over their shoulders. Over their eyes is a light pink visor.

Chocolate Opal wears a burgundy and brown suit, decorated in large spots. They sport brown shoulder pads and polka dotted bowtie. Each pair of arms wears a different colored glove. The top pair wears short green gloves, the second is long red gloves, and the last is burgundy. Chocolate Opal's gemstones are located on the left side of their chest, their left shoulder, and stomach.


Not much is known about Chocolate Opal's personality. Spessartite and, to an extent, Fire Agate like to show off so it's possible that this fusion is very flashy and arrogant.


Chocolate Opal has standard Gem abilities.

It's currently unknown whether Chocolate Opal has any abilities or weapons. I can be logical to assume that they have the combined abilities of Spessartite and Fire Agate.




Chocolate opal in real life.

  • Chocolate opal is a variety of Ethiopian opal, a type of precious opal.
    • It has a chemical composition of SiO2 · nH2O, a hardness of 5½ - 6, and an amorphous crystal system.
  • Like all opals, chocolate opal is considered a mineraloid as it contains water.
  • Precious opals are one of three subgroups of opal. They are usually opals with incredible play-of-color.
  • Chocolate opals are formed within layers of developed volcanic ash and grouped in clusters of nodules. Water is trapped inside which gives opals their interference, refraction, and diffraction of light.
  • These opals are very rare, only be found in Yita Ridge of Ethiopia, Africa.
  • Chocolate opals were discovered in 1994 by Telahun Yohannes.
  • As an opal, it is a birthstone for the month of October.
  • Opal’s name is derived from the Indian (Sanskrit) word “úpala” meaning “valuable stone”. However, it could have also come from the Greek word “opalus” meaning  “stone from several elements”.
  • Metaphysically, chocolate opal can help you make decisions and see that change is necessary within your life.
    • It also symbolizes hope, luck, purity, and innocence.
    • Opals in general are stone of inspiration as they enhance creativity and imagination. Opals can also improve memory, happiness, and self-worth while dispelling confusion. Additionally called as the Eye Stone, which pleases sense of sight.

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