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A gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. Copal is Gedanite's best scholar. She is currently looking for Petoskey Stone in hopes of coaxing "her" to return home to the other elders.


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  • Copal is a term for dried tree resin.
  • Although similar in origin, copals are not ambers.
    • The true difference between the two are their age. Ambers are millions of years old meanwhile, copal usually ranges from fifty to ten thousand years old.
    • Copals aren’t old enough to be polymerized sufficiently.
    • Copal can be easily distinguished from genuine amber by its lighter citrine colour and its surface getting tacky with a drop of acetone or chloroform.
    • Because of their similar appearances, copal is often sold as amber.
  • They can be obtained from various tropical legume and araucarian trees.
  • Like amber, copal comes in yellows, browns, yellow-oranges, and, rarely, reds. They can be colorless too.
  • Copal  can contain inclusions of extant plants and animals.
  • The term "copal" was derived from "copalli," a Spanish word for "incense".
    • This is because copal is used as incense as well as varnish.
  • Metaphysically, Copal is said to take the energies of the sun to cleanse negative energies of all kinds.  It increases self confidence, mental clarity, and creative self expression.

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