The Crystal Gems, otherwise referred to as rebels, are a group of Gems established by Rose Quartz who are self-proclaimed guardians of Earth and humanity. Their goal is protect the planet from those who wish to exploit or destroy it. Their title distinguishes themselves from the Homeworld Gems.


Known Crystal Gem Fusions

Former Members


Several thousand years ago, Homeworld arrived on Earth and had plans to colonize the planet. They created Kindergartens and structures at the expense of the planet's well-being. That was when Rose Quartz, an Earth grown Gem, believed destroying life on Earth was wrong. She rallied a small group of Gems to challenge Homeworld and continuously prevented them from colonizing Earth. Eventually, Rose Quartz's small group grew into an army and with the spark of Pink Diamond's assassination escalated the situation into the Gem War.

The odds were against them, but the Crystal Gems were winning the war. But the Diamonds had decided to end it by releasing a corrupting light. Gems who were caught in it turned into monsters. Rose Quartz managed to save only a few of her closest friends from the effects. The survivors continued their task to defend Earth, primarily focused on corrupted Gems. They would defeat and bubble them in hopes of reversing the effects of corruption. Rose Quartz remained the Crystal Gem's leader for the next 5,500 years until she gave up her physical form to give birth to her son, Steven.

With Rose Quartz gone, Garnet becamethe group's de-facto leader and continued her legacy. When Steven was old enough, he began assisting the Crystal Gems in their missions. Together, they've foiled several plots caused by Homeworld. Their most notable accomplishment so far is stopping Yellow Diamond's geo-weapon, the Cluster.


  • Rose Quartz seems to have been an outlier in the Gem Homeworld, as her compassion for other life forms does not seem to be shared by her fellow Gems; her fascination and love of humans was considered unorthodox.
  • As stated by Peridot, Earth is in the Crystal System and likely is where the "Crystal Gems" name is derived from.