Dendritic Agate is the gemsona version of N.R. Wynter's character, Narunde. A mostly silent defective quartz who served Homeworld during the Gem War. She now resides in a coastal area in Eastern Asia with her best friend, Lavender Chalcedony.


Dendritic Agate looks vastly different from the average quartz. She is much taller and thinner, though still having toned limbs. Her eyes are always covered by her hair that mimics a hood. From what can be seen is a wide, down turned nose and plump lips. The upper lip is black while the bottom is paler. Dendritic Agate's shoulders are wider than her hips, has a long neck, and legs. Her complexion is a dull brown color with pale patches. The palms of her hands and soles of her feet are lighter than her skintone.

Dendritic Agate's outfit is a simple full body suit. Her hair covers the top portion of her body, covering the upper portion of her chest and arms. A similar theme can be seen on her legs, but this isn't hair. It starts at her kneecaps and end down to her feet with the heel and toes exposed. These dark colors are separated by a jagged brown border. Beyond that is a beige color that occupies the rest of her body suit. Her gemstone is located on the back of her right hand.


Dendritic Agate is a stoic and serious Gem. To many who first meet her, she is an intimidating force. It doesn't help that her eyes are always invisible and has a strong poker face. She also speaks in very few words, making it hard for others to tell what she's thinking or feeling. It is always in a deadpan manner. Honest, but to the point of bluntness. She doesn't hesitate to poke at a person's problems. But getting past this persona, Dendritic Agate is actually shy and skittish. She hides this to avoid looking weak and not allowing her emotions to get away in her decision making.

One of her deepest desires is to look dependable and heroic. Living on Earth and learning about the heroes humans had created, Dendritic Agate felt that's what she needed to do to make up her past mistakes. She tries to act independently and refusing help while attempting to help others, even when their problems aren't serious. Also faking a courageous persona makes her think she can do anything. But her true nature often prevents her from that. Dendritic Agate is very responsible and doesn't skirt away from them. She often tries to enforce this one others and scolding those who don't. The quartz doesn't have much tolerance for nonsense. No matter what good she does for the public, she doesn't like taking credit for it. Rather, she'd flee from the scene and trying to promote a feeling of mystery, which she likes.

Very focused, Dendritic Agate doesn't stray away from her objectives. While she normally thinks carefully about her decisions, she doesn't do well under pressure. She will act irresponsibly, and usually aggressively, when in a flight or fight situation. Lavender Chalcedony often describes her as trigger happy because Dendritic Agate's responses to being surprised is taking out her weapon. She is very ashamed of this and has tried to counter this by isolating herself. By limiting contact with others, she feels this will prevent future accidents. This means she prevents herself getting close to others. For those who she allowed to become close with are very near and dear to her.She puts a lot of faith in her friends. Dendritic Agate is very patient, but being that can easily run thin after a while.

Living on Earth has given her some hobbies. While she likes practicing archery, Dendritic Agate has taken an interest in gardening, flower pressing, tea making, human mythology, and fictional superheroes.


Dendritic Agate has standard Gem abilities.

She is considered an off color quartz for being off model. Dendritic Agate is taller and thinner than the average quartz soldier. However, she still meets their standards in terms of strength and durability. Dendritic Agate's more nimble structure has made her more flexible and faster than most quartz Gems.

Dendritic Agate is a super soldier and skilled with multiple weapons. Using her unique abilities and patience, she utilized in sneak attacks and traps. Paired up with Lavender Chalcedony, she is the brawn to his brains as she usually carries out his plans.


List of fusions for Dendritic Agate.


  • Archery Proficiency: Dendritic Agate's main weapon. Arrows are summoned when she pulls back the bow string. She has great accuracy and rarely misses her target.
    • Multi-Shot Arrows: These arrows can split into small ones that can hit multiple targets at once.
    • Shadow Trap Arrows: Dendritic Agate can create a trap by shooting an arrow in front of a moving target. She can tint the head of an arrow with a tar-like substance that, when stepped in, will latch on to the victim and make them immobilized.
  • Knife Proficiency: Dendritic Agate's other weapon. She only uses her knife for close combat fighting and as a tool.
  • Survival Skills: Her experience as a quartz soldier and stuck on Earth gradually given Dendritic Agate skills to survive in foreign environments.
  • Flexibility: Dendritic Agate is unusually nimble for a quartz soldier. This help her evade attacks easier.

Unique Abilities:

  • Darkness Manipulation: Dendritic Agate can create and manipulate darkness.
    • Shadow Trap: Alternate version of the shadow trap arrows. Dendritic Agate can create small trap using her hands instead of arrows.
    • Light Absorption: Dendritic Agate can temporary absorb light in the surrounding area. She uses this to blind targets.
    • Shadow Cloaking: Using this ability, Dendritic Agate can blend into shadows or darkness she creates on herself or allies. She uses this to blend in with the shadows to observe or perform a sneak attack on an opponent.
    • Healing Roots: Dendritic Agate can heal Gem cracks and wounds by inserting a tiny-seed like ball of darkness . The seed grows into roots and heals the injury. However, a small dendrite or speck will appear in its place.


Dendritic Agate was affected by a great injector malfunction, resulting her going off model. She was immediately sent to a Gem Base which had a special training program for defective soldiers. Carrying the stigma of both an off colored Gem and a non traditional agate made Dendritic Agate quiet and stoic. She believed this was the only way to appear suitable for her role and anything else was a sign of weakness. Dendritic Agate worked hard and eventually graduated from the program. She excelled as one of Yellow Diamond's agates.

At the start of Rose Quartz's rebellion, Dendritic Agate was sent to Earth to protect one of Pink Diamond's structures. There, she met Lavender Chalcedony, who was rather overly nice to her. At first, Dendritic Agate paid no mind to him. But his persistent kindness began to grow on her and she couldn't help but greet him the same way. She began enjoying his company and looked forward to working with him. One day, a group of rebels attacked Pink Diamond's estate. Seeing Lavender Chalcedony in trouble, Dendritic Agate quickly ran to protect him. He had thanked her for protecting him which she responded saying that's what friends do for each other. She was surprised she'd said that, but liked the way it sounded. But she noticed Lavender Chalcedony's behavior had slightly changed around her which made her regret it.

The rebellion escalated after Pink Diamond's assassination. Dendritic Agate was left in charge of a large battalion of quartz soldiers. She had noticed that Lavender Chalcedony had removed himself from the group and she went to find him. Seeing him run off she chased after him. After catching up with them she attempted to ask him what he was doing before bombs had went off around them. Dendritic Agate witnessed Lavender Chalcedony taking a heavy blow and lost his physical form. She quickly grabbed his gemstone and ran for cover. She found an abandoned underground base and took refuge there. The entrance crumbled after a nearby bomb went off and the two were stuck there.

After Lavender Chalcedony regenerated, Dendritic Agate pursued him with more questions. Even though he brushed her off, she persisted. Unable to find a way out and sitting in silence, Lavender Chalcedony eventually caved after an argument between the two. He confessed his dissatisfaction with Homeworld and how his life has been going. An earthquake followed after a moment of silence. Out of options, Dendritic Agate reluctantly agreed to Lavender Chalcedony's suggestion of fusing. The two of them became Amethyst Sage Agate and were able to escape from the collapsing base. She comforted her friend after he broke down and decided to stay with him. They found out the war had ended and the remaining survivors turned into monsters. During her time on Earth, Dendritic Agate discovered a healing ability and was able to mend Lavender Chalcedony's injury. She began enjoying Earth's culture and grew closer with her friend. The two currently live together on the coast in Eastern Asia.


Lavender Chalcedony

Dendritic Agate's best friend. She is very close to him after bonding on Earth. Although he's not the Gem he was when they first met, Dendritc Agate still enjoys Lavender Chalcedony's company. She acts a lot like his anchor: Dendritic Agate keeps him from misusing his abilities. This includes using his hypnotizing abilities on her to get away with his actions, which hasn't worked. She often has to scold him or drag him off from getting into trouble or doing anything morally unjust. Dendritic Agate has also learned when Lavender Chalcedony lies and usually catches him in the act. However, she does agree to go along with his shenanigans if it's necessary or harmless. Dendritic Agate also appreciates him doing activities that she interested in as well.


  • Dendritic Agate's favorite food is chestnuts.
  • She is, or was at some point, susceptible to hypnosis.[1]
    • It's unknown if she's built an immunity to it generally or just Lavender Chalcedony's.


Dendritic-agate-gemstone 01

Dendritic agate in real life.

  • Dendritic agate is a variety of chalcedony, a type of quartz.
    • It has a chemical composition of SiO2, a hardness of 6½ - 7, and a trigonal crystal system.
  • They have a distinct branch or fern like patterns called dendrite, a very common natural phenomenon where iron and manganese ions seep into fine stone fractures.
  • Dendritic agates are usually colorless, white, and grey.
    • The iron ions will often result in reddish or brown colors.
  • Dendritic agates are often confused with moss opal and moss agate, due to similar inclusion patterns.
  • They are formed in fissures or nodules in volcanic vesicles or other cavities. Layers of silica fill in the void and then become a solid mass, creating an agate.
  • Most notable dendritic agate deposits are found in Brazil, China, India, Australia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Uruguay and the United States.
  • Dendrites comes from the Greek word dendron, meaning “tree” or “tree-like”.
  • Agate's name was derived from its occurrence at the Achates River in southwestern Sicily.
  • Metaphysically, dendritic agates are called the stones of plenitude. It brings abundance and fullness in all areas of life. It improves self-worth as well as destroying self-imposed limitations and patterns that make up one's life experiences.
    • Dendritic agate also promotes perseverance and patience.
    • In Russia, it's believed the stone represents long life, good health, and prosperity.


Image Description
Dendritic Agate's gemstone is located on the back of her right hand. A smooth, triangular cabochon cut surrounded by a reddish-purple ring. The bottom right side of the gemstone is soaked in dendrites that have a brown outline. The top half is beige.



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