This page records Fire Agate and her story on Ask Wynter Gems.

Humble Beginnings

Fire Agate creates an ask blog to help express herself in a non-destructive way. She begins answering questions, including talking about her swords and current living situation. While responding to an ask, Fire Agate receives a telepathic distress call from Watermelon Tourmaline. She urges her to come to the base quickly as something had happened to Blue Obsidian.

Guilt Arc


Fire Agate approaching corrupted Blue Obsidian.

When Fire Agate arrives at the base, she discovers her best friend Blue Obsidian's corrupted form. As she approaches them, they recognize her and shows their affection by ensnaring her with their tongue. The blue monster traps a now paralyzed Fire Agate inside their shell. She has a panic attack, blaming herself for not being there to protect them. Red Obsidian eventually manages to get her out and dries the paralyzing saliva on her with a hair dryer. The two gems take care of Blue Obsidian as they heal from their corruption. In between her shifts, Fire Agate continues to answer questions. The situation has taken a toll on her as she shows signs of exhaustion. This slightly improves after seeing Blue Obsidian cured of their corruption. She continues replying to questions as she normally did, even previewing gifts she made for her team for the holidays. New Year arrives and after cleaning up after the obsidians night of drinking, someone sends Fire Agate a small pink chest. She tries to open it, but to no avail. Suddenly, she hears a loud screech coming from upstairs. She runs towards it and finds a now corrupted Red Obsidian. Fire Agate panics again after failing to protect her team a second time. She regains her composure by punching a hole in the door frame and offering to help with Red Obsidian. The guilt of her failures plague Fire Agate. She becomes more visibly exhausted and agitated, answering questions aggressively. In this state, she issues a lockdown. She begins releasing her frustration by talking badly about the Crystal Gems.


Fire Agate crushing gem shards.

In this series of asks, she reveals a bit of her past. Fire Agate had fought in the Gem War on Earth, leading a battalion into battle. The outlook wasn't favorable: her battalion slowly perished and they were going to lose the war. Regardless, Fire Agate was determined to keep fighting. In an attempt to protect her remaining soldiers, Fire Agate was defeated by a fusion and later imprisoned by the rebels. There she was imprisoned for five thousand years, despite desperately pleading for her freedom. The seal she was kept in eventually eroded away, allowing her to regenerate. However, her gemstone had been damaged. Fire Agate didn't realize how much time had past at the time and started searching for other Homeworld Gems. She had traversed a mountainous terrain, but this irritated her condition and made it worse. Before it could get worse, she was found by Blue Obsidian who'd was relieved to see her again. After remembering how Blue Obsidian felt, Fire Agate decided to check on the two obsidians. At that moment, Blue Obsidian and Red Obsidian, cured of their corruption, appeared. The obsidians were concerned about the lockdown and Fire Agate's well being. Blue Obsidian had pulled her in for a hug, but the agate immediately pushed them off. She denies anything wrong with her and assures the lockdown was for their safety. After telling asking them to report any suspicious activity to her, she leaves them to another room where she displays a moment of guilt in secret. Inquisitors asked her about revenge which Fire Agate responds with her strong desire to shatter their gemstones. But as she begins to describe it, she catches and reminds herself the war is over and she should be focused on other things. Fire Agate tells her audience to ask her different questions.

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