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Fire Opal is a fusion created by N.R. Wynter. She is a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and the Rutile Twins.


Fire Opal has standard Gem abilities.

Unique Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis: Fire Opal is capable of controlling and manipulating fire.
  • Heat Resistance: An ability inherited from Fire Agate, Fire Opal is immune to extreme temperatures.


Off Colors

Fire Opal has a good relationship with the off colored gems. This may be because the Rutile Twins are members and Fire Agate's sympathy towards them from her own experiences as a defective quartz.[1]

Astro Gems

Fire Opal is relatively friendly with the Astro Gems.


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  • Fire opal is a sub category for opals.
    • It has a chemical composition of SiO2 · nH2O, have a hardness of 5½ - 6 , and an amorphous crystal system.
  • Fire opals are classified for their fiery red, orange, and yellow colors rather than their play-of-color.
  • It's believed fire opals get its warm colors from iron hydrous oxides.
  • Fire opals are formed in volcanic rocks where silica is carried by water and deposited in voids left by gas bubbles and in rock fractures.
  • Very rarely will fire opals have rutile inclusions.
  • Mexico is the best source for fire opals.
  • It was seen as a symbol for fervent love in some ancient cultures.
  • As an opal, it is a birthstone for the month of October.
  • The Aztecs once called it “quetzalitzlipyollitli” or “stone of the bird of paradise”
  • Opal’s name is derived from the Indian (Sanskrit) word “úpala” meaning “valuable stone”. However, it could have also come from the Greek word “opalus” meaning  “stone from several elements”.
  • Metaphysically, fire opals are said to carry strong karmic powers, represent justice, deal with change, and provide protection to the wearer. It helps with making decisions by trusting one's instincts. This opal can also make one feel independent and seek new direction in their lives.
    • It symbolizes vitality, sexuality, creativity, optimism, and passion.
    • Opals in general are stone of inspiration as they enhance creativity and imagination. Opals can also improve memory, happiness, and self-worth while dispelling confusion. Additionally called as the Eye Stone, which pleases sense of sight.