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Fireball Pearl is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She was Fire Agate's pearl as a gift for the quartz gem's accomplishments. The pearl acted like a secretary, helping Fire Agate with work.


One to follow the rules of Homeworld closely and gets angry when they're broken. Like her owner, Fireball Pearl is loyal and hardworking. When she does her work, it's always with a sense of pride.

Patience is another one of her strong suits. Despite being a no nonsense kind of gem, she has good tolerance when presented with it. She speaks bluntly and may do so in a spiteful way. The pearl quickly corrects herself, whether on her own or by a harsh look given by Fire Agate. While she is proud of her owner, especially when she's off accomplishing great things, she's also fearful of her.


Fireball Pearl has standard gem abilities.


  • Management: Acting like a secretary, she helps keep everything orderly.

Unique Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed: Fireball Pearl can travel long distances in a short time span. Sometimes, she'll leave a trail of fire.


Very little is known about Fireball Pearl. She was created as a gift Fire Agate. When the war arrived, the quartz left to fight for Homeworld. The pearl waited for her to return, but she never did. The current whereabouts of Fireball Pearl are unknown.


  • Fireball Pearl is also a type of freshwater pearl.



Fireball pearl in real life.

  • Fireball Pearl is a type of baroque pearl.
    • A baroque pearl is a term given to pearls that have irregular and non-spherical shapes.
  • Fireball Pearls are one of the most distinct baroque pearls for their recognizable comet tail or winged patterns. It gets it shape when a pearl farmer tucks the bead nuclei directly under the shell of a mollusk.
  • Freshwater pearls come from mussels found in rivers, ponds, and lakes.
  • The process of culturing freshwater pearls may take up to four to six years to develop pearls.
  • China is the main supplier for freshwater pearls.
  • Freshwater pearl colors can range from soft pinks, lavenders, peaches, and whites to black. gold, and peacock-colored.
  • Pearls, as well as nacre, are chemically made of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. They're mainly comprised of aragonite or a mixture of aragonite and calcite.
    • Conchiolin is an organic protein that acts as a form of glue or adhesive.
    • Pearls have a hardness of 2½ - 4½ and has an Orthorhombic crystal structure.
  • Pearls are birthstones for June.They are also the national gemstone of the Philippines.
  • The name pearl comes from the Latin world perna meaning "leg". This is in reference to the ham-leg shape of the bivalve mollusk.
  • Pearls metaphysically represent purity, integrity, and loyalty. It gains one wisdom from experience and help cement engagements and love.
    • Freshwater pearls are said to have an absorbing nature. If a happy person wears these pearls, their happiness will be imbued. The opposite can occur too if a person is negative.


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