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Fordite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. They were an accidental creation by Rainbow Lattice Sunstone from her gem paint. The new gem was unstable at first, not able to leave Rainbow Lattice Sunstone's art studio. Then an old gem scientist named Charoite came along and made Fordite a suit to stabilize their form. Now they work with the scientist to find and catch Fordite's creator.



Fordite in real life.

  • Fordite is hardened enamel paint.
  • Layers of enamel paint slags pile on car tracks and skids in automobile factories where cars were oversprayed. They continue to build up and baked constantly until they have to be removed.
  • Fordites are no longer being made due to the painting process being automated.
  • Rainbow calsilica, or calsilica stone, is said to be the modern version of fordite.
  • Fordite is also called detroit and motor agates due to their banding. These are misnormers as fordite is a synthetic substance.