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Gedanite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. As one of the Elder Gems, she is a wise and caring gem. Gedanite manages a large library on a gem colony near Homeworld.


  • She was originally an amber, but N.R. Wynter changed her gem type to avoid the consequences of using a popular gemstone.



Gedanite in real life.

  • Gedanite is a variety of amber, a type of ancient fossilized tree sap.
    • It has a chemical composition of C10H16O + (H2S), a hardness of 2 - 2½, and an amorphous crystal system.
  • Gedanite is believed to have formed from an extinct white pine species.
  • Unlike most ambers, gedanites usually lacks inclusions of plants or animals.
  • They are very brittle and have a lower melting point than most amber varieties.
  • Gedanites were first described near the Baltic Sea in Poland.
  • This amber variety is extremely rare.
  • It is sometimes found with baltic amber.
  • Ambers range in age from less than a million to more than 300 million years old.
  • Besides age, polymerization must occur for fossilized tree resin to be considered an amber.
  • The name Gedanite comes from the German word Gedanum, German for Danzig. This is the city in northern Poland where the amber was first found.
  • Ambers in general are called the stones of universal manifestation. They're said to have a 'sunny' energy that eliminates negative energy and replaces it with positive outlooks. They cheer up those who wear them.
    • Amber also represents balance, purification, protection, luck, success, vitality, calmness, patience, romantic love and sensuality.