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The Gem Base is a Gem military base run owned by Yellow Diamond and managed by Eye Agate. It has a special program to train defective soldiers in hopes they can fulfill their purposes efficiently.


The Gem base is a geode-like structure with a large opening at the top. It has multiple floors with their own functions and purposes.


The base was placed on the outskirts of a gem colony belonging to Yellow Diamond. It was built long before the Gem War and was originally used as an outpost for soldiers who would occupy the new colony. Eye Agate, one of Yellow Diamond's most reliable agates, was tasked to manage it.

The defective Gem training program wasn't introduced for a long time. Eye Agate had proposed the idea to Yellow Diamond in an effort to conserve off colored Gems who had the capabilities of performing their jobs. This was met with scrutiny as Yellow Diamond reminded Eye Agate that defects have no place in Gem society. This wasn't brought up again until the Great Injector Malfunction began. A line of new injectors had been purposely sabotaged by a group of Gems who had secretly worked against the Great Diamond Authority. This resulted in a large number of defected Gems and a resource crisis. Homeworld was in the middle of a war against another alien life force in their quest to conquer a planet. While the matter was being investigated, Eye Agate came forward with her idea again. This time, Yellow Diamond reluctantly approved and allowed off colored soldier Gems to be shipped and trained at the Gem Base. Since then, the program has continued with great success.


Because of the program's success with its off colored gem training program, the Diamonds had come together and allow this to spread to other Gem castes. As long as they can perform their jobs efficiently, they were allowed in Gem society. This didn't, however, remove the stigma of off colored Gems. Homeworld and many Gems viewed off colors as beneath them, regardless of their position.


  • The Gem Base resembling a geode was intentional. Geodes are usually lined up with quartz crystals. The base is mostly comprised of quartz gems and having an agate, a quartz variety, manage it.