A Gem Weapon is a physical weapon that a Gem has, summonable or not.


Gems are normally capable of summoning a weapon from their gemstone. There are some exceptions, however. Some gems will utilize their abilities instead, lacking the need for a weapon. Defective and some Era 2 gems may lack the ability to summon one. Other Gems may have non-summonable weapons, like limb enhancers.

Each weapon is personalized and unique, being tailored after the personality and needs of the Gem summoning it. The bond between a Gem and their weapon is strong, making it easy to summon by will alone. Because of this, duplicating weapons is done very easily. If a Gem's physical body is destroyed, the weapon will vanish with them.

Weapons can be upgraded by adding components to it. Summoning upgraded weapons is optional, however, as Gems can still summon their original weapons.

Gem Fusions typically wield a combined form of their components' weapons.

Astro Gem Weapons

Fire Agate's Rapiers

Fire Agate wields light weighted swords that consists of a light yellow blade and red hilts. The hilts are often decorated with multi-colored bumps. She has three types of rapiers she can use: foil, épée, and saber. She known to dual-wield with her swords. Of the three, Fire Agate uses her saber sword the most.

Fire Agate summons her weapon with determination in completing the task at hand. The blades of her rapiers retain heat, giving Fire Agate's slashes an extra boost in power. She relies heavily on her weapon, often using it in battle, sparring, and even intimidation.

Jet's Pickaxe

Jet is armed with a simplistic looking pickaxe with a brown handle and gray blades. The weapon doubles as a bomb launcher, allowing Jet to attack at long range. She can also dual wield her pickaxes if the situation calls for it.

Green Tourmaline's Garden Scythe

Green Tourmaline's weapon is a garden scythe. It has a long, wavy green shaft with handles and a lime colored blade.

Pink Tourmaline's Daggers

Pink Tourmaline can summon a small, hot pink dagger. Using her telekinesis, she can launch a barrage of daggers at once.

Homeworld Gem Weapons


Anthophyllite's teasing needle.

Anthophyllite's Teasing Needle

Anthophyllite's summonable weapon is a small teasing needle. It has a light yellow tinted blade with a duller yellow end.

Anthophyllite doesn't really use his teasing needle to fight. It has a more practical use in his experiments, especially on gemstones.

Bronzite's Gloves

Bronzite's gloves

Bronzite's gloves.

Before Bronzite was corrupted, she was given gloves for her work. They look a lot similar to limb enhancers. Hers are entirely black with two yellow indents on the front. It has five yellow fingers that are slender and sharp.

Bronzite uses these to help her with machine work. The thin fingers allow her to work delicately with sensitive wires or parts. Her gloves also help her channel and manage Bronzite's electrokinesis.


Crocoite's throwing blades

Crocoite's Throwing Blades

As an assassin, Crocoite is equipped with light weighted throwing blades. They are thin, rectangular, red blades that almost look prismatic.

Crocoite always have them on their person. They summon several at once and keep them wedged at the ends of their cloak. Although Crocoite is limbless, they use their telekinesis to throw their blades. While their appearance makes them look dull, the blades are sharp enough to pierce through a Gem's gemstone.

Desert Rose's fan.

Desert Rose's Fan

Desert Rose is able to summon a small fan from her gemstone. It is a gray-reddish color with white, pointy edges, and a brown base.

The fan has no use in combat. It's primary function is to make Desert Rose look presentable to other Gems. She may use it for communication as well as commanding sand.

Gedrite's arm canon.

Gedrite's Arm Cannon

Gedrite's weapon is a large arm cannon that fits nicely around his cloak-like hand. It is made of some kind of see-through glass with brown spiked decorations at the top. The mouth of the cannon is outlined in a chocolate colored brown.

Gedrite doesn't have much combat experience and only uses it for self defense. The arm cannon can release powerful bullets made of light. The draw back is it takes time to recharge.


Pyrite's flail.

Pyrite's Flail

Pyrite can summon a small flail from his gemstone. The rod is olive colored with yellow rims at the end. The chain bears a similar color to the rod. The flail itself is a large yellow sphere with squared bumps around it.

With Pyrite strength and combat experience, he's able to do some damage with it. He can smash down sturdy structures with one strike.

Rogue Gem Weapons


Hackmanite's flintlock.

Hackmanite's Flintlock

Hackmanite's weapon is a flintlock that shares his purple color scheme. The grip is a dark colored grip with a round purple jewel at the end. The barrel varies between plum and neon purple colors and has a metallic sheen. The flintlock's fire chamber is see-through glass, showing a goo substance inside. Underneath it is a lilac colored trigger.

The flintlock's power source is the same as Hackmanite's, showing a stronger bond than most gems exhibit. While reloading time is slow, it can release powerful solar bullets.

Heinrichite's halberd.

Heinrichite's Halberd

Heinrichite owns a halberd that's slightly taller than him. It has a dark green shaft with an odd structure holding the blade outwards. The lime colored blade matches Heinrichite's gemstone. This is a standard weapon owned by heinrichites.

It's a power heavy weapon that utilizes swinging motions to deliver heavy blows. Heinrichite uses both of his hands to wield it.

Crystal Gem Weapons

Conch-powder puff

Conch Pearl's powder puff.

Conch Pearl's Powder Puff

Conch Pearl's "weapon" is an overly large salmon colored powder puff with a rose colored rim. There is a strap on the back that Conch Pearl doesn't always use it.

Although listed as such, the powder puff hasn't been used for combat. The most Conch Pearl has used it was powdering Sardonyx's face. In theory, Conch Pearl can use the powder puff to fog up the environment to temporarily blind opponents.

Grape Agate's bubble wand.

Grape Agate's Bubble Wand

Grape Agate's weapon is a tall, bubble wand that's nearly the same size as she is. It takes on a purple color scheme with a large lilac ring at the top. It's attached to a cluster of purple, oval crystals whose shape resembles Grape Agate's gemstome. They sit on a dark purple pole with a similar oval shaped crystal at the end.

Grape Agate was highly dependent on the bubble wand to make quick escapes. It can create bubbles of multiple shapes and sizes. With it, Grape Agate was capable of creating thick fog to explosive bombs.


Hematite's bombs.

Hematite's Bombs

Hematite's weapon was a cartoonish-styled bombs. It had a maroon base with a shooting star pattern on the front. The fuse on the bombs were striped.

Hematite had a limitless supply of bombs she pulled from her gemstone. This allowed her to throw a flurry of bombs at once. She was also able to increase or decrease its size at will.

Tiger's Eye's Brass Knuckles

Tiger's EYe knuckle

Tiger's Eye's brass knuckles.

Tiger's Eye's summonable weapon were brass knuckles. They were made from a band of golden metal. It had four holes that fit over Tiger's Eye's four fingers. She was able to grip it by rolling her hand into a fist. At the top were four spikes.

As Tiger's Eye was a close combat fighter, her weapons allowed her to deal more damage to enemies. She would always summon one for each hand.

Unaligned Gem Weapons

Dendritic Agate's Bow

Dendritic Agate's bow is half her size, but she can increase its size.

Dendritic Agate's flexibility and accuracy allows her to aim at targets without fail. Pulling the bow string back allows Dendritic Agate to summon an unlimited amount of arrows. They can split into smaller ones and attack a target simultaneously or planting traps that leaves them immobilized.

Dendritic Agate's Knife

Another of Dendritic Agate's weapons is a fighting knife.

She doesn't use this weapon too often. It's uses are for close combat or as a tool.

Lavender Chalcedony's Bamboo Hatchet

Lavender Chalcedony's weapon is a bamboo hatchet.

As his role in fighting is tricking or confusing opponents, Lavender Chalcedony doesn't summon his weapon often. He will only do so when he makes threats or when he can't rely on his holograms. The hatchet is sharp and sturdy enough to cut through tough objects.

Pallasite's Limb Enhancers


Pallasite's limb enhancers.

While not technically a weapon or summonable, Pallasite relies on them just as much as most Gems rely on their weapons. They are long and mostly white in color with golden soles. The heels are a glassy yellow color with a yellow-orange circle inside. At the top are two brown lines that wrap around the limb enhancers. On top of that are large, yellow kneecap pads.

Pallasite is unable to generate lower legs so she wears her limb enhancers. They help her walk, run, and fly. When she needs to go up into the air, two holographic discs will appear. The discs help manage Pallasite's magnetism ability to keep her balanced in the air.

Petoskey Stone's staff.

Petoskey Stone's Staff

Petoskey Stone's staff features a beige eye-like crystal on top of a brown rod. It is not used for battle, although Petoskey Stone may smack other gems out of frustration. He normally uses it for support or summoning whirl pools.

Spirit Quartz's Spear

Spirit Quartz's spear is about the same size as he is. It has a long, dark purple base with magenta and yellow lines at the end. The blade is white and a purple center. Below it are a cluster of white crystals.
Spirit spear

Spirit Quartz's spear.

Because of his environment and soldier status, Spirit Quartz is always seen with his weapon. He is pretty efficient with it even with his left hand being his gemstone. His speed allows him to make quick jabs at opponents. Spirit Quartz can also throw it at a great distance to take down enemies at longer distances. With his gemstone hand, he can summon a multitude of spears and fling them at his target.

Fusion Weapons


Grape Agate's rapier.

Grape Agate's Rapier

The fusion of Sapphire and Fire Agate. Since Sapphire doesn't have a weapon, Grape Agate inherits Fire Agate's rapiers. The rapier takes on a purple color scheme. The basket is a lilac color decorated with purple gems and a white swirl. The plum colored hilt is tipped with white. As for the blade, it is a steel white with lilac tints.

The fusion's structure makes it difficult to use the blade so Grape Agate rarely summons it.

Nuummite's lantern.

Nuummite's Lantern

Nuummite's lantern is a combination of Anthophyllite's teasing needle, Gedrite's arm cannon, and Pyrite's flail. It is large, about the size of Nuummite himself. The glass case, which is made from Gedrite's arm cannon, has a yellowish tint. The decorations on the sides have a triangular brown and yellow pattern. The bottom, which was once the cannon's mouth, is outline with the same color pattern. On the ends are four of Anthophyllite's teasing needles. The glass is attached to the top end of Pyrite's flail. Its chains have been extended and have turned purple. The lantern's rod is brown with golden rims.

The primary function of Nuummite's lantern is luring and capturing gems. Like a fishing pole, the fusion can manipulate the length of the chain to dangle the lantern below him. A small flickering flame will dance inside, which have an almost entrancing glow that can lure in most Gems. Once the target is underneath, Nuummite will lower the lantern enough to slam into the ground and capturing the Gem inside. Nuummite can then choose to keep the Gem intact or disrupt their physical form by delivering electrical shocks. He can also use the lantern as a cannon if needed.

Poppy Jasper Rock's "Hoop and Stick"

  • Poppy Jasper Rock's chakrams.
  • Poppy Jasper Rock's rapier.

Unlike most fusions, Poppy Jasper Rock doesn't combine her weapons (although arguably her chakram is upgraded from Onyx's with additional blades that could have come from Fire Agate's rapier blades). Instead, she uses her fusee weapons separately. Her chakrams have a large lilac blade with three spikes on the edges. It is attached to a dark purple handle. Poppy's rapier looks similar to Fire Agate's in terms of color scheme. The hilt is red with a white swirl surrounding the blade. It is decorated with orange gems. The blade itself is yellow.

While it's unknown if she summons them for combat, Poppy treats her chakrams and rapier like a "hoop and stick". She'll use them to perform tricks.

Watermelon Tourmaline's Ranseur

Watermelon Tourmaline's weapon is a giant ranseur or polearm formed from Green Tourmaline's scythe and Pink Tourmaline's daggers.


  • Gems are capable of duplicating their weapons. They can also increase the size of their weapon, but this will put strain on the Gem.
  • A weapon's palettes match their owner's.

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