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Goldstone is a collaborated gemsona by N.R.Wynter and Posh Tea Rex. They are a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Amber.


Goldstone is a true swashbuckler. They're heroic, sociable, and chivalrous. They are always there to help a gem or person in need. Bold and daring, Goldstone hardly ever shows fear in the face of danger. They would gladly fight to the death to protect others, especially their friends. The fusion has a tendency to show off or speak highly of themselves, but never to the point of arrogance.

As both Fire Agate and Amber share a level of stubbornness and temper, this is presented greatly in Goldstone. Once they set their mind on something, they'll never fall back on it. It's very hard or nearly impossible to change their mind. As with their temper, it can be easily set off. Goldstone is likely to throw a tantrum if things don't go their way. This doesn't make them selfish, however.

Goldstone has a habit of spouting one liners and jokes. Many of them are cheesy and their jokes don't always hit the mark. Despite this, they personally find them creative and funny.


Goldstone has standard Gem abilities.

Goldstone is a swordmaster. With Amber's speed and Fire Agate's strength, Goldstone becomes a powerful opponent. Although they have the tendency to get carried away or become easily heated in battle, Goldstone is logical. They think things through before acting upon it.

The fusion mostly uses the weapons of their cooperators than their own fusion weapon. Goldstone's double bladed spear is only utilized as a last resort.


  • Swordmanship: The combined experiences of both Fire Agate and Amber makes Goldstone very knowledgeable in sword fighting. They can handle different fighting styles that are suitable to their environment or opponent. With swift and precise slashes, they can quickly disarm their foe.
  • Polearm Proficiency: While not as skilled with polearms as they are with swords, Goldstone can still fight with them. Similar with their sword fighting, Goldstone uses polearms with precise attacks. They can good skills to spear throwing as well.
  • Dual Wielding: Thanks to their handiness and multiple arms, Goldstone can efficiently fight with multiple weapons.

Unique Abilities:

  • Enhanced Speed: A trait inherited from Amber. Goldstone can run at sudden bursts of incredible speed for a few seconds.
    • Wall of Fire: With Fire Agate's pyrokinesis, Goldstone can create trails of fire while they running.
  • Goldstone Bombs: Amber's resin turn into explosive bombs with Fire Agate's pyrokinesis. Goldstone usually uses these to show off.
  • Fire Tornado: With Fire Agate's heat generation and Amber's speed, Goldstone can spin in a circle, creating a fiery tornado. They have control where they direct it, but will become incredibly dizzy after a while. Because of the side effects, this move is not always used.
  • Heat Generation: An ability inherited by Fire Agate. Goldstone is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.


  • The first time Amber and Fire Agate fuse would be accidental.



Goldstone in real life.

  • Goldstone, also known as aventurine glass, is artificial glass.
    • Generally, goldstone has a chemical composition of (SiO2 with Cu), an amorphous crystal system, and a hardness of 6 - 7.
  • The glass is filled with cuprous oxide which reduces to metallic copper during later annealing, resulting in aventurescence.
  • Goldstone primarily relies on copper for its color, but other elements like cobalt and manganese contribute for other colors.
  • Goldstone is rich in lore. It involves a few stories detailing its origin and creation.
    • One story involves Italian monks who had accidentally discovered the glass by dropping copper shavings into a batch of molten glass.
      • A similar story claims it was created by alchemists attempting to create gold.
      • The more well known version of this story involves a 13th century legendary glass maker named Christoforo Briani.
    • The more likely creation of goldstone involves a 17th century glass maker named Vincenzo Miotti. His family created and sold these stones, keeping the formula a secret. It wasn't until the 19th century where French chemists discovered a replica formulation.
      • The recipe was created by Theophilus Jules Pelouze, who released it to the public.
  • Goldstone's name may have originated from alchemists making gold.
  • Metaphysically, goldstones are stones of ambition. They help one achieve their goals. Goldstone may be used as an energy generator, deflecting unwanted energy and provide long distance healing. It is widely regarded as a protection stone as well.
    • Regular or red goldstone represents energy and vitality.