Heinrichite is a character created by N.R. Wynter. A tower guard bored of protecting an old, forgotten gem facility.



Heinrichite without his visor.

Heinrichite is a small, stubby gem with light yellow transparent skin. He has a wide waist and slim torso with muscular arms that almost drag on the floor. His face is a long trapezoid shape with a prominent chin and wide frown. From the top of his visor, Heinrichite's gem peaks out. The gem takes up the top portion of his face thus he lacks eyes. He wears a kelp green jumpsuit that starts from his neck and ends at his ankles. At the rim of his jumpsuit are a fern green hilly pattern. This pattern matches with his fingerless gloves. His shiny chest plate is pear colored with a green inverted triangular design on the front. The gem's feet are very tiny and seem to be made of the same material as his gem and chest plate. There is a visible indent on the heels.


A very lazy gem who would rather slack off and snooze than do his job. In fact, he's known to sleep most of the time. Working at a facility that hasn't had a visitor in thousands of years has made him impatient and bored very easily. On the other hand, Heinrichite is very easygoing. He doesn't like too much excitement or conflict. The gem absolutely hates his job and will find any excuse to relieve himself from it. This applies to conversations or stressful situations as well. But when confronted or discovered by a co-worker or his boss, he'll quickly regains his composure and reluctantly goes back to work.

Heinrichite is quite humble and likes talking with others or making friends, but he prefers having more time to himself. He can't handle pressure very well and gets anxious easily. On top of that, he is quite cowardly in the face of danger. He is more likely to turn the other way and hide. Heinrichite is a bit slow and is quite oblivious to social interactions. Oddly enough, he is also resourceful. This is especially true with finding new places to sleep.


Heinrichite has standard gem abilities that include shape shifting, fusing, bubbling, and weapon summoning.

His gem type are good for close combat and capturing.


  • Halberd Proficiency: Heinrichite is exceptionally skilled with the halberd, able to swing and knock opponents off their feet. While slow, Heinrichite's attacks are powerful enough to take down strong soldier gems.
  • Resourcefulness: A fan of using the environment as an advantage. He's quick to find anything to use, no matter how small or insignificant. This is mainly used for hiding as Heinrichite will utilize any space he can fit into.
  • Sharp Hearing: While Heinrichite can technically see with his visor, he was formed without eyes. Because of this, he's more sensitive to sound. He can hear the softest sound a mile away.

    Heinrichite's halberd.

Unique Abilities:

  • Wireframe Vision: As his gem takes up the top half of his face, Heinrichite is blind. But with the help of his visor, he is able to "see". His visor can scan and send information directly to his gem. Then he'll be able to perceive objects and movement as wireframes. This also means he can "see" through objects.
  • Radiation Disintegration: A specialty among heinrichites. By touching an object, it loses cohesion and falls apart. However, it's not strong enough to destroy gems.
  • Taser Fingers: From his fingertips, Heinrichite can release a small electrical shock that can incapacitate a gem by disrupting their physical form. This takes a lot of concentration and energy out of him and is only used to capture gems. This is because gems are made of different materials than buildings produced by gem kind.


Heinrichite was formed before the Gem War. He was sent to a gem facility orbiting a small solar system far away from most gem colonies. It's said to guard some of Homeworld's oldest weapons. He worked under Moss Agate who ran the facility for Yellow Diamond. For a while, Heinrichite was fine with his job. But fewer gems visited the facility until they eventually stopped coming. None of the gems there were relieved of their duties and continued guarding the facility. Heinrichite would then spend his days staring and guarding for nothing. Having such a repetitive routine began to chip away at him. He began dreading his job more and more.As much as he wanted to leave, there was no means of escape. Eventually, he began ditching his guard work for finding a place for himself. Sometimes he would get away with it, but other times he would get caught by Moss Agate and received harsh punishments for his laziness. Heinrichite fears the next time he gets caught he'll surely be shattered. But luck struck him when he met a master thief who offered him a way to leave for good.

He eventually joins Hackmanite and unreluctantly becomes his partner in crime. 


Moss Agate

Heinrichite's boss who runs the facility. He's both terrified and hateful to the quartz. He often talks badly behind her back, but never dares to do it to her face. After all these years of inactivity, he doesn't understand why Moss Agate has to be so uptight about keeping the place in tip top shape.


The first gem to ever gem to visit the facility after thousands of years. It doesn't matter if Hackmanite's a thief, it's something different. While he can't trust him, Heinrichite believes the thief is his ticket to get out of his boring routine.


  • Heinrichite discovered sleeping on accident when he became incredibly bored one day. He liked it so much he kept doing it.
  • Heinrichite would love playing video games. He'd play games like Overwatch and Mario Kart.[1]
  • The longest Heinrichite has slept was two weeks.
    • He was eventually found by a quartz who ratted him out to Moss Agate.
  • Originally, Heinrichite was going to be a gem hunter. But during development, his occupation was changed because it no longer fit his character design.
  • Heinrichite's chin was always present, even in his earliest designs.
  • The design for Heinrichite had influences from Tetris and O'Chunks, a character from Super Paper Mario.
  • Heinrichite was created from Gemsona-HQ's March Gemsona Challenge.


  • Heinrichite is a a rare Ba-uranyl-arsenate mineral.
    • Its chemical composition is Ba(UO2)2(AsO4)2 · 10H2O, has a monoclinic system, and a hardness of 2½.
    • The mineral is a member of the Autunite Group.
    • It is known for its distinct tabular appearance.
  • The mineral was discovered in the 1950s, but didn't become its own variety until 1958.
  • It is only found in two locations: Black Forest, Germany and Oregon, USA.
  • They are usually grown on fracture coatings in slilicified rhyolite tuff.
    • Heinrichites can also be found on crusts of clay, quartz, barite, and granite.
  • The colors can range from yellow, green, to yellow-green.
  • Heinrichite can have fluorescence.
  • Unstable at room temperature, heinrichite can dehydrate into metaheinrichite.
  • As it contains uranium, the mineral is radioactive.
  • The mineral was named after mineralogist Eberhardt William Heinrich.


Image Description
Heinrichite's gem is a thin, tabular gemstone protruding from his head. It's rather asymmetrical, made of two different crystals stacked next to each other. One side is much wider than the other. The gemstone is polished.



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