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Ignacia Aiza Guerrero is a human character created by N.R. Wynter. The oldest among the park rangers, she acts as their unofficial leader.  


Due to her age, Ignacia is very experienced and doesn't care much about most things. Looking after the national park and the people working there are the only exception. Ignacia can be very reckless. Regardless of her old age, she's active and independent. She has a traditional, hard working mindset and relatively stubborn. It is possible to persuade her, especially if it's in the best interest of everyone and her work. She'll do what needs to be done, ignoring objection from others.

Ignacia doesn't appear friendly or inviting, but she's more than welcome to chat with others she's comfortable with. She expresses her affection in a tough love matter.

Although she is the designated leader of the other rangers, Ignacia is more bossy. She has a short temper.



Ignacia is highly amused by Ron and their geekism, affectionately calling them "kid". She doesn't understand half of the things coming out of their mouth, but she'll humor them. She appreciates their optimism even though she finds it naive. On the other hand, she gets annoyed when Ron gets distracted from their job. She often has to break up fights between them and Paine often.


Being the more responsible twin, Ignacia likes Paine more. Although she finds their pessimistic attitude to get on their nerves once in a while, she appreciates the hard work they put in.


Ignacia is very appreciative of Millicent since she's joined the team. Not only has she helped manage the park's finances, but has even given donations to keep it in working order. The two share a common past both coming from low income families and having to work hard to support their families. However, Ignacia often gets into arguments with Millicent over how the park should be run. She also doesn't take it too well when she's outed for her faults.

Fire Agate

Ignacia was very suspicious of Fire Agate and her team when they ended up living inside the national park. But after getting to know her, she sees her as if she was an old friend. The two share a lot in common, often talking about their experiences in the military. She's impressed with Fire Agate's leadership skills.


Ignacia is the daughter of two Spanish immigrants who came to the United States. She worked with her father at a young age, even helping him after school. During her early twenties, she decided to join the military. Ignacia served for thirty years until she retired in her fifties.

She didn't know what to with herself for a while. She felt serving the military was her sole purpose in life and didn't know what to do from there. Ignacia decided to do volunteer work for the national park before becoming an employee. She's been working there for the past fifteen years and plans to continue to serve there as long as she can.


  • All the rangers have parallels to the Astro Gems.
    • Like Fire Agate, Ignacia has a sense of authority over the others and shares her fiery temper.
    • Ignacia's full name literally means "fiery stone warrior".