Lavender Chalcedony is the gemsona version of N.R. Wynter's character Kiro. An eccentric yet charismatic quartz who grew in Earth's Prime Kindergarten. He is a survivor from the Gem War and currently lives with his best friend, Dendritic Agate.


Lavender Chalcedony is an average sized quartz, although a head shorter than Dendritic Agate. He's stockier and hairier than most Gems of his type. He is top heavy with shorter legs that grow thinner going down the body. Meanwhile his hands grow thicker going down the forearm. Unlike most quartz Gems, Lavender Chalcedony only has four fingers and toes. His exposing limbs, neck, and chest are covered in white hair. Around the neck, it's just as thick as the messy hair on his head. The edges of the hair are highlighted in a pink, sharp wavy pattern.

He wears a half purple robe over a dark colored undersuit. From the top, it seems the entire right side of the robe was diagonally cut out. The left side contains a bulky sleeve that covers much of Lavender Chalcedony's upper arm. The bottom of the robe curves around his right side. It contains a diagonal, hill-like pattern that phase from purple to a pinkish color. The colors are separated by a white line. Holding the robe together is a thin, near-white belt. Lavender Chalcedony wears a long headband with a similar pattern. The end of the headband is attached to his gemstone, which is located on the back of his head.


Charismatic, laid back, and carefree. Lavender Chalcedony is often called eccentric for his sense in fashion and expressive body language which appears in the form of dancing. Generally friendly and likes meeting new people, but can be overbearing. He has great interpersonal intelligence, easily able to interact and understand others. Witty as well as clever who tends to think outside of the box. He can be cunning, often making convincing suggestions or threats when he needs to. Lavender Chalcedony doesn't like getting his hands dirty and usually has someone else do things for him.

Overconfident to the point of being smug, he's full of himself. Lavender Chalcedony likes to think he has everything under control, able to keep collected under pressure. However, he can get irritated easily especially when things don't go his way. The quartz will speak sarcastically at this point. A huge compulsive liar and a good one at that. His lies can be convincing, but tend to be over the top. Lavender Chalcedony lies so much he believes them. Lying has become a crutch for him that he assumes it's how the way the world works. He'll be taken aback when someone shows him genuine trust and honesty, so much so he might deny it's real. He has trouble facing certain truths and likes to hide in a bubble he built himself. Often avoids responsibilities or conflicts to keep himself safe. His biggest fear is not making a big enough impact in his life. It's said he has a superiority complex.

Lavender Chalcedony likes attention and will try a lot of things to get it. Pulling pranks or tricking others is one way he believes can work, even to the annoyance of others. He takes advantage over his abilities and tends to abuse its hypnotic effects if left unattended. He has a great desire to learn and see the world he currently inhabits.


Lavender Chalcedony has standard Gem abilities.

When paired with Dendritic Agate, he is the brains to her brawn. He doesn't attack directly, rather he uses tricks and confusion to defeat opponents. Although he's a quartz soldier, he's become rusty with actual combat and won't do well without help from his allies.


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  • Shapeshifting: Despite most Gems having the ability to shapeshift, Lavender Chalcedony is very skilled at it. He specializes in transformations, often using it to trick others.
  • Hatchet Proficiency: Lavender Chalcedony doesn't use his summonable weapon unless he absolutely has to. His bamboo hatchet is strong enough to cut through hard surfaces with ease.

Unique Abilities:

  • Holographic Projection: Lavender Chalcedony can project images from his gemstone or fingers. Unlike most Gem produced holograms, his are opaque, able to interact with solid matter, and have more variety in color (but restricted to blues and purples). This is primarily used to trick or enchant opponents.
    • Stroboscopic Dance: Lavender Chalcedony uses holograms and dancing to confuse over even hypnotize his target. As he moves, his gemstone duplicates the last pose he made that lasts for a few seconds.
    • Hypnosis: Similarly to his dancing, Lavender Chalcedony can use a stroboscopic effect with his hands to hypnotize a target. It may or may not work depending on the subject's susceptibility.
    • Self Duplication: The most common use of his hologram ability. Lavender Chalcedony can create copies of himself. He has great control over them and able to see or hear what the copies experience. However, the more he duplicates, they harder it becomes to control them.
  • Dream Manipulation: Lavender Chalcedony has a unique ability to observe and control the dreams of others. This is performed by creating a holographic disc that hovers over the sleeping target.


Lavender Chalcedony was created in the Prime Kindergarten for Pink Diamond's new colony. He became a patroller for an estate under construction. But unlike the many quartz Gems there, Lavender Chalcedony hated his position. Not only did he felt limited by it, but was stressed from the agates there. It became worse when Rose Quartz appeared and began her rebellion. The agates there were much harder on the other quartzes, including him. Even if he shared Rose Quartz's ideals, he also despised the cause for the stress it caused. This is where he found comfort in lying. While he couldn't trust them, Lavender Chalcedony built fake relationships with the other Gems to stay on their good side.

Some of Yellow Diamond's quartz Gems were sent to protect Pink Diamond and the colony from the rebels. One of them was Dendritic Agate, who took the place of another agate that suddenly disappeared. Like he did with the other Gems, Lavender Chalcedony acted friendly with her to avoid abuse. And after a while, she reciprocated his friendliness. Things remained the same until rebels attacked the estate. Dendritic Agate had protected Lavender Chalcedony through the ordeal. When he thanked her, she simply responded that is what friends do for each other. He was confused by her words. The chalcedony never seen someone do anything like that for him. He eventually convinced himself that she only did it so he would do the same for her.

After Pink Diamond's assassination, Lavender Chalcedony was reassigned to Yellow Diamond. He was drafted to fight the Gem War with a large battalion. The chalcedony panicked, knowing he wasn't going to survive the war. He ran, thinking he could wait off the war in safety. But Dendritic Agate had followed him, yelling at him to come back. Lavender Chalcedony had tried to evade her by tricking her, but she eventually caught up to him. Before she could get a word out, a series of bombs exploded around them. Lavender Chalcedony took a large blow from one of them, which destroyed his physical form and cracked his gemstone. When he reformed, he found himself and Dendritic Agate trapped underground.

Lavender Chalcedony brushed off Dendritic Agate's questions. After exploring their options, an argument lead to him confessing how tired he is of his life up until now. An earthquake hit during a moment of silence and the place was going to collapse. Lavender Chalcedony suggested fusing, much to Dendritic Agate's shock. They hesistated, but decided to go through with it and became Amethyst Sage Agate. When they freed themselves and unfused, Lavender Chalcedony started crying. He was able to feel Dendritic Agate honesty and what she had done was real. They found out the war had ended and figured they were the only survivors. The two quartz Gems stayed together on Earth throughout the years. Lavender Chalcedony's gemstone was healed after Dendritic Agate learned of her healing abilities. He discovers his own unique powers and has used them to give him the life he's wanted. Currently, the two of them reside near a beach in Eastern Asia.


Dendritic Agate

Lavender Chalcedony's first and perhaps only true friend. What started out as another fake relationship turned into something genuine. He was able to learn trust and honesty through her. For the first time in years, he was given the opportunity to open up his feelings with someone. Although this doesn't excuse her from his pranks or mischievous behavior, Lavender Chalcedony deeply cares about her. Unlike many of the people or Gems he teases, he may feel bad about doing it to Dendritic Agate. An example of this is when he accidentally hypnotized her after discovering an alternative use of his holograms.[1] This doesn't mean, however, that he hasn't tried to do it again to avoid her scoldings. He often seeks Dendritic Agate's attention and, unintentionally, approval of his actions. Lavender Chalcedony even adores the dendrites in his gemstone, saying it's proof of their friendship.


  • Lavender Chalcedony adores 80s and J-POP styled clothing.
  • His gemstone has a few dendrites, meaning his gemstone has cracked a few more times in the past.



Lavender chalcedony in real life.

  • Lavender chalcedony is a variety of quartz.
    • Its chemical composition is SIO2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 6.5 - 7, and has a trigonal crystal system.
  • Chalcedonies are a mixture of cryptocrystalline quartz and mogánite, rather than being a fibrous cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz.
  • Lavender chalcedony is a type of blue chalcedony with more pinkish hues.
    • The color is a result of manganese or iron oxide impurities.
  • Lavender chalcedony is found forming in sedimentary and volcanic environments. it occurs over a long period of time, as minerals are slowly deposited into a pocket of another type of rock, such as granite.
  • Chalcedony has been used since the Bronze Age.
  • The name originates from from the Latin word 'Chalcedonius', which is thought to be derived from 'Chalcedon'. Chalcedon was an ancient seaport of Asia Minor, now known as Kadikoy, Turkey.
  • Metaphysically, lavender chalcedony is called the Speaker's Stone. It helps with communication skills, improve memory, encouraging reflections on one's actions, and making languages easier to learn. It also helps dispel negative energy and thoughts throughout one's life.
    • Chalcedony also represents brotherhood, goodwill, togetherness, acceptance, kindness, responsiveness, receptivity, generosity, charity and friendliness.
    • Chalcedony is said to help with sleep and ward away bad dreams.


Image Description
Lavender Chalcedony's gemstone is located on the back of his head. It's an oval cabochon cut with a silver ring around it. The colors have a gradient effect that diagonally shifts from blue-purple, purple, and then to pink. Dendrite inclusions are scattered across the entire gemstone.



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