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Paine, real name Shaun Borgnino, is a human character created by N.R. Wynter. A pessimistic adult who tries too hard to seem cool. They're an inspiring musician who works as a park ranger.


Unlike his twin, Paine is pessimistic. Moody and appearing to show apathy for others, they act a lot like a teenager despite being in their twenties. Paine tries very hard to make themselves look cool as they're very insecure of their own identity. This is shown through their alias, thinking it's a much better name than their real one. Paine gets very flustered or annoyed if someone would to call them by their real name.

They seem to be the more responsible twin, always looking after Ron to make sure they aren't causing trouble.

Paine has a passion for music. When they're not working, they'll whip out their notebook and start writing songs. Although they claim they only love heavy metal, Paine secretly loves all music genres.



Paine's younger twin sibling. As they like to point out the fact they're older, Paine deeply cares about Ron. The two stick together a lot, even living in the same apartment and working in a similar job. But unlike Ron, Paine is more responsible and tries to keep their twin from trouble. This doesn't always work as Ron will sometimes coax them into arguments, especially about music.


Paine fears Ignacia, especially with how hot tempered she is. They always try to be on her good side and never hesitant to follow orders.


Paine and Millicent get along well. They admire how hardworking she is, even if being a park ranger isn't her most successful accomplishment. Paine is always happy that someone else besides their sibling is interested in their music.

Astro Gems

They still don't know what to think of this group of Gems. When they first met, Paine was terrified and shocked about the concept of aliens with "magic" existing. They are still overly cautious of them, especially when Ron encounters them.


Paine was born a couple of minutes before their twin in Empire City. When their family moved to the west coast, music became a big part of Paine's life. They've experimented playing with different instruments through school until they settled on the guitar. When they were a teenager, they had a couple of bands that had moderate success on school grounds. After high school, Paine had no interest in going to college and work on making a career out of their music.

This however also meant Paine didn't try to find a job to support themselves. After a year since Ron returned from college, Paine's parents decided to kick them out so they could become independent. The twins stuck together, renting a small apartment and found work as a park ranger.


  • Like the rest of the park rangers, Paine has an Astro Gem counterpart.
    • They are similar to Red Obsidian in mannerisms and personality, being both pessimistic, cautious, and try to act cooler than they are.
    • Both have one eye, although Paine's left eye is covered by their hair.
      • Paine's last name, Borgnino, means "one eyed" in Italian, further pushing this comparison