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The rangers are a group of humans who are stationed in a national park. They work with the Astro Gems to protect it.

Named Members

  • Ignacia Aiza Guerrero: The oldest member among the rangers. Because of her experience, she acts as the leader to other rangers. Ignacia does a lot of the patrolling herself despite her age.
  • Ron Borgnino: A chubby and joyful ranger that mainly provide tours and presentations. Ron also helps with providing maps and recommend areas of interest.
  • Paine Borgnino: A relatively thin, somber ranger that keeps to themselves. Paine usually tags along with Ron in their shifts, but they prefer patrolling. They hate when others call them by their real name.
  • Millicent: Prefers being called Millie. She is a hardworking ranger who's completely dedicated to her work. She does a lot of patrolling, enforcing the law to visitors, hikers, and campers.
  • Hana: A relatively new ranger, Hana helps Ron and Mira with providing tours and presentations. She's very passionate about plant life and makes studies while on patrol.
  • Mira: A laid back ranger who assists Ron and Hana with tours. She doesn't like patrolling, but does so when Mira is on shift.
  • Annabelle: Not much is known about her. Annabelle is a seasonal ranger and only works during the summer months.

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