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Ron Borgnino is a human character created by N.R. Wynter. A cheerful, chubby person with a large interest in video games. They are Paine's twin and one of the park rangers.


Cheerful and optimistic, Ron is always seen with a smile on their face. They have a positive outlook on the world, even if it's naive. Ron is seen having big aspirations about their future, although their desires tend to change every now and then.

They're quite a social butterfly, always like to talk to others. However, they have a tendency to drag on a conversation or bring it back to video games somehow. Although they tend to work great with other people, Ron can be lazy. They'll goof off if someone doesn't watch them. This has led to Ron getting lost in the the forest, even if they have worked there for a good amount of time.

Ron is obsessed with video games and will often spout out famous lines or even game culture memes. They have their own let's play channel they like to flaunt about, despite having a small audience.



Paine is Ron's twin sibling. They have a very close relationship, considering they're working at the same job and shifts. Ron looks up to Paine as they're technically the older sibling. The twins will sometimes get into arguments about their differing tastes in media, especially when it comes to video game music. Ron will sometimes tease Paine by calling them by their real name.


Ron looks up to as well as fears Ignacia. They admire her experience and wisdom, appreciating when she listens to their daily video game ramblings. But they also fear her short temper, something they experience often because of their laziness. At first, Ron didn't like being called "kid", but has taken a liking to it.


Being a rich and successful businesswoman, Ron always goes to her for advice on making it big with their let's play channel. They find her similar to Paine in personality so they try to cheer her up.

Astro Gems

When Ron saw the Astro Gems for the first time, they were in awe. They looked like characters from a video game and they wanted to ask them all kinds of questions. Learning about what Gems were didn't change their perspective much. When they're patrolling, they often like to pay a visit. Ron had given them one of their old consoles as a gift.


Ron was born a couple of minutes after Paine. Their family lived in Empire City until the moved to the west coast. At a young age, Ron was addicted to video games. They'd played anything they could get their hands on. Because of this, their school work had faltered throughout their life. When they got out of high school, they went to college to pursue a career as a video game developer. Ron didn't do well and eventually dropped out to try their hand at the let's player scene. They couldn't generate any money and their parents kicked them out.

Ron and Paine currently live in an apartment complex and found work as park rangers.


  • Both Paine and Ron are fraternal twins.
  • Like the rest of the park rangers, Ron has an Astro Gem counterpart.
    • They are similar to Blue Obsidian in mannerisms and personality. Both are also into geek culture, although Blue Obsidian is interested in superheroes and comic books.
    • Both have one eye, although Ron wears an eye patch to cover his right eye.
      • Ron's last name, Borgnino, means "one eyed" in Italian, further pushing this comparison.