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Snow Quartz is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter.



Snow quartz in real life.

  • Snow quartz, also known as milky/white quartz, is a quartz variety.
    • Its chemical composition is SIO2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 6.5 - 7, and a hexagonal crystal system.
  • It is a semi-transparent to opaque white quartz.
  • The color is caused by numerous evenly distributed gas and/or fluid inclusions.
  • Unlike most quartz, snow quartz occurs with unsteady growth conditions.
  • It is very common and found all over the world. Some localities include Germany, Italy, Norway, and Portugal.
  • Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth.
  • It is sometimes found with gold.
  • Snow quartz is not commonly used as a gemstone, rather sold as mineral specimens.
  • The name quartz comes from the German word quarz, derived from the Slavic word twardy meaning "hard".
  • Metaphysically, snow quartz helps with lesson learning, realizing limitations, and utilizing tact.
    • It represents peace, wisdom, purity, good luck, and self reflection.

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