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Snowflake Obsidian is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. A defective gem with a love for ice skating. With their partner Ulexite, they're trying to make themselves world famous with their talents.



A flamboyant and pompous obsidian. Snowflake likes to act like they're the star of their own show. They often look down on others or overcast their talents by talking about how special or unique they are. Snowflake is all bark but no bite. Their insults are rather weak and if someone manages to make a comeback or brush it off, Snowflake immediately backs down. Although they may act cold and aloof, a lot of little things can get to them. In fact, it's very easy to get them flustered. Their cold exterior can sometimes be broken by their child-like tendencies. They get very excited talking about their interests. This is especially true with their obsession of figure skating and its culture. It takes them a long time to realize they've rambled on about it. They're don't get embarrassed by it either. Snowflake is known to complain loudly when they don't want to do something. A big dreamer despite their goals being unrealistic. Day dreaming is something they do often, often imaging themselves doing bigger and better things. Snowflake is not very bright and is easily duped. One time, they had purchased a rather expensive pair of ice skates because it has a famous figure skater's name on it. It wasn't related to the skater Snowflake knew, but bought them anyway. Even though they are a defective gem, the obsidian doesn't see this as a problem. On the contrary, they believe their defectiveness makes them unique. They insist that they are special, getting upset when others don't think the same way. They strive to be as graceful and elegant, applying a lot of concentration to their movements. But when caught off guard, their posture or body language can become clumsy or sloppy.


Despite being a defective gem, Snowflake Obsidian has no defects in gem abilities. This means they can fuse, bubble, shape shift, and summon their weapon without complication. However, unlike most obsidians, Snowflake lacks their heat resistance, body teeth growth, and body mass.


  • Dance Fighting: Because their weapons are ice skates, Snowflake Obsidian incorporates ballet and figure skating into their fighting style. They use a lot of kicking and swinging movements, relying on their speed to deliver quick blows.

Unique Abilities:

  • Cryokinesis: Snowflake has great influence in creating and manipulating ice and snow. They are able to lower temperatures in their surroundings, enough to form frost and freeze liquids.
    • Cryokinetic Constructs: Snowflake can create objects out of ice and snow. They normally use this to create furniture for themselves or protective walls during battle. .
      • Ice Clones: Rarely, Snowflake will create ice versions of themselves when they need help. Snowflake doesn't do this often because of how much concentration it requires and their ice clones don't always listen to them.
    • Icicle Generation: Replacing an obsidian's teeth growth ability, Snowflake can generate icicles from their physical form. It can either provide as protection or can be released into a barrage of ice needles.
    • Frostbite: Another ability that requires a lot of energy and focus. Snowflake has the capability to freeze a victim inside ice. If they are organic, the obsidian can take it a step further by freezing them at an atomic level, making the victim fragile enough to shatter. Snowflake refuses to do this, however, because they find the process gross.
  • Storm Generation: The obsidian can generate powerful snowstorms or blizzards from a mile radius. The closer one is to Snowflake, the worse it gets.




  • Snowflake has an inner eyelid that protects their eye from harsh winds and their own abilities.
  • They admire the gracefulness of pearls and adapted their body language to their own.
  • Snowflake Obsidian was inspired by TKPinkerton's obsidian designs


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  • A variety of obsidian known for its distinct snowflake-like patterns.
    • Obsidians have a hardness of 5 - 5½. Its chemical composition is 70% or more of Si02 in water plus MgO, Fe3O4.
  • The white on snowflake obsidian are from the mineral cristobalite.
    • This is caused by partial crystallization of the glass. Crystals begin to form during its cooling process, giving the rock a more textured appearance.
  • Obsidians occur during the later stages of an volcanic eruption when molten rock cools very rapidly.
  • The rock can form underground, in cracks that the magma seeps into, or above ground in slow-moving, silica-rich lava flows
  • They form in areas of past or present volcanic activity.
  • Even though it's classified as a volcanic glass, it's more like an igneous rock for its complex composition.
  • Obsidians have been used as tools in ancient and present times.
  • The rock was named after Obsius the Roman who found a similar looking stone in Ethopia.
  • Another name for snowflake obsidian is flowering obsidian. This is especially for specimens whose patterns resemble flowers.
  • Snowflake obsidian is referred to as the stone of self and purity. It can stimulate self-awareness, reformation, and improve the inner-self. Additionally, it brings balance and keeps one focused during times of changes.
    • It helps with fulfillment and eliminating negative energies from one's environment. It helps examine harmful thought patterns as well as value mistakes and success.
    • Obsidians are generally protection and grounding stones which encourage to surface hidden emotions.

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