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Come on, keep it up!

—Sunshine Aura Quartz
Sunshine Aura Quartz is a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Posh Tea Rex's Londonite.


Sunshine Aura Quartz is a tall fusion that easily towers over Watermelon Tourmaline. Like Fire Agate and Londonite, she has a muscular build. Her torso and arms resemble Fire Agate's while the legs look similar to Londonite's. Sunshine Aura Quartz's hips and calves are the combined masses of both. As a fusion, she inherits four arms and same gemstone locations as her fused cooperators. Sunshine Aura Quartz has a chubby face with plump lips and an upturned nose. Her eyes have visible pupils in them. Her hair is tied up in a bun with hair streaks.

Fire Agate's body suit and Londonite's outfit give Sunshine Aura Quartz an athletic workout outfit with a sports top, shorts, and running shoes. This makes the fusion's patches visible, a trait she inherited from Fire Agate. On one pair of arms she wears wristbands and on the other are Londonite's arm bracers. One of the curved lines on her outfit are iridescent, giving off a green and blue sheen.


Sunshine Aura Quartz is an outgoing motivator. She always pushes others to do their best, but finds a way to overdo it. While she cares deeply about her friends, she shows affection in a rough manner.

The fusion combines Londonite's cheerful, fun loving, and goofy nature with Fire Agate's passionate, determined, and assertive demeanor. Thus, Sunshine Aura Quartz's personality reflects a go-getter that knows when's the right time to have fun and be serious. Sunshine Aura Quartz loves sports and challenging others. Although she is quite competitive and likes to show off, she still displays good sportsmanship.

Much like Londonite, Sunshine Aura Quartz is an opportunist. She often relies on advantages, especially physical ones, to win in challenges or sports. At the same time, the fusion lacks a lot of restraint when it comes to her own strength. Simple wrestling matches may result in her opponent being thrown through the wall. Sunshine Aura Quartz is active, always keeping herself busy whether she's training, playing sports, or socializing. It doesn't seem to tire or stress her out as she finds joy in her activities.


Sunshine Aura Quartz has standard Gem abilities.

Being a powerhouse with great fighting experience, Sunshine Aura Quartz uses her raw strength and speed to overpower opponents. Her fighting moves are slightly unpredictable, often switching from her weapon to using her bare fists. While she likes to fight fairly, she takes advantage of her size and environment to have the upper hand.


  • Bladed Tonfa Proficiency: A close-ranged weapon that combines Londonite's tonfas and Fire Agate's rapiers. Sunshine Aura Quartz will perform quick and random strikes all around her opponent.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: An adapted ability from Londonite's experience as a skilled wrestler and Fire Agate's knowledge in martial arts. Sunshine Aura Quartz can fight easily without using her weapon.
    • Power Punch: Sunshine Aura Quartz deliver powerful blows by charging up her punches.
  • Enhanced Agility: A combination of Londonite's great jumping and running skills with Fire Agate's quick movements. This makes Sunshine Aura Quartz flexible and able to maneuver fast enough to avoid or perform quick attacks.

Unique Abilities:

  • Lightning Manipulation: With a combination of Fire Agate's pyrokinesis and Londonite's wind ability, Sunshine Aura Quartz can generate lightning from the sky. She can use her weapons as conductors and deliver more powerful blows.
  • Flash: By using thunder, Sunshine Aura Quartz can temporary blind an opponent using a bright flash. The downside is if she's not careful, it can effect her as well.
  • Heat Resistance: An ability carried over by Fire Agate, Sunshine Aura Quartz is able to withstand extreme temperatures.


  • The colorful bands on Sunshine Aura Quartz's design are iridescent. The colors change between green and blue depending on how its angled.



Sunshine aura quartz in real life.

  • Sunshine aura quartz is a type of enhanced quartz.
    • Its chemical composition is SIO2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 6.5 - 7, and has a trigonall crystal system.
  • Metal-coating on crystals is caused by vapor deposition. Crystals are placed in a vacuum and are bonded by metal or other elemental fumes to change its molecular structure.
  • Sunshine aura quartz is created with clear quartz bonded with gold and platinum.
  • Sunshine aura quartz also comes in orange colors.
  • Quartz is found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.
  • The majority of quartz crystallizes in molten magma and hot hydrothermal veins.
  • Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth.
  • The name quartz comes from the German word quarz, derived from the Slavic word twardy meaning "hard".
  • Metaphysically, sunshine aura quartz is an extremely active stone that overcomes disappointments and bitterness in life as well as opportunities. It inspires optimism, natural joy and spontaneity.
    • It imparts the ability to face life's challenges with cheerfulness and strength.
    • Additionally, sunshine aura quartz a stone of love for life, promoting happiness, trusting oneself, and good self esteem.